29 June 2012

Sudocrem Mousse

Having used Sudocrem nappy rash cream since Thomas was a baby I was keen to try their new products, Moisturising Mousse and Sunscreen Mousse. Both me and my 2 boys have severely sensitive skin which means we can not use many skincare products. When I read about Sudocrems new ProDrem formula I was fascinated to how our skin would react to this new product. Apparently it mimics the skins composition to moisturise and protect the outer layer making it faster absorbing and leaving the skin to breathe. I was hoping this would be the answer to our dry skin nightmare.

Sunscreen Mousse
Trying this out for the first time I was amazed at how little I needed to use. Just a little squirt of mousse would expand enough to do the whole of Thomas. He loved having it applied as he sad it was fun looking and even joined in rubbing it in which is great for me as he's usually too impatient and wants to be running off out.
I found it quick to rub in and non greasy, with an SPF of 50+ it's a must.
Running around the park, playing on the swings and sat eating in the park, the mousse kept Thomas protected from the sun. 
Moisturising Mousse
Both the boys and I suffer from dry skin and we also have severely sensitive skin which becomes a big problem when trying to keep our skin moisturised. I always try new products on the boys to see which are better and of course which are worse and was hoping this would be another thumbs up product.
Trying for the first time I apprehensive whether they would come out in a rash or blotches but luckily this was not the case. Just a small amount of foam rubbed onto Thomas's arm almost instantly made his skin look hydrated which I was surprised about. After a few days of using it I realised that both boys skin looked healthier and a lot softer and the red patches had almost gone. 

Not just for kids
As I suffer from dry skin, I have also started to use the Moisturising Mousse as well. I have dry skin mainly on my knees but also it flares up on my arms too. 
After using the mousse it seems that already the dryness seems to be clearing up and hopefully in time it will totally go and I will have nice and smooth skin again.

Sudocrem Mousse can be bought in store or online from Boots. Sunscreen Mousse RRP £15.00 and Moisturising Mousse RRP £8.99.

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