9 June 2012

Mocc Ons

These are the gorgeous Mocc Ons. They are made by the people over at Socks On and are just beautiful.

When we opened them I couldn't wait to put them on Charlie to see how they looked and they were fab. The fitting of the material means they will stay on his feet even when he's pulling at them which is great in cold weather because usually he ends up with no socks on and cold feet.
They come in 4 different styles, funky cow print (the ones we have), pink spot, zebra stripe and rainbow. You can also get them in 3 sizes, 6-12 month, 12-18 month and 18-24 month. 
Charlie is in the 6-12 month and although they fit him when he was 7 month old, they still fit him perfectly now at 9 month old.

They have a leather sole and even though its soft and comfy for Charlie to wear, they are also such a big help when it comes to him standing up because they make him stand flat on his feet as opposed to on his tip toes which is how he usually stands.
One of the things I like is that they have been made so they are strong enough for him to walk on but also he can wear them throughout the day without them getting uncomfortable. I guess to him they just feel like socks.
I love them because they are so stylish yet practical, they are washable and even quite affordable. 
I would definitely recommend these especially for babies who are just getting up and about and learning to walk as I've found these a great help for Charlie.

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  1. aaaws Charlie is so cute
    Ya,the sockslippers r very practicle for every day use,just bought my gd Tabby 7 pairs(1 for each day of the week)and also wear them myself lol.Great Product,highly recommend. :-)

  2. Love your piccies on your blog your boy is soooo gorgeous!