29 June 2012

MAM Dipper Set

When we were asked to review the MAM Dipper Set I was excited. I must admit that we are a bit addicted to MAM. From bottles, soothers, training cups, teethers, and bowls we have everything. Trying one of MAM's new products especially one that helps with feeding is great for us as Charlie loves his food.
Before using these I would have to feed Charlie myself as he could not hold a regular spoon without food falling off it so having this would make Charlie more independent. 

Starting out I found that Charlie enjoyed holding them, the handles are only small, just big enough for him and having bumpy bits on the spoon meant it holds more food in the creases. The fork also has the same bumpy bits but also gives him the option to pick up bigger food bits and lumps. He enjoyed feeding himself independently and learning to pick up the food himself.

One of the best parts of the Dipper set is the fact that they have a lip to stop them from being pushed too far into the mouth, I love this part of it because when I normally give Charlie regular children's cutlery that's the first thing he does. 
I will definitely be using these from now on as it made feeding time a lot easier and means Charlie has learnt and can feed himself which is always a plus.

The MAM Dipper set can be bought from various baby shops including supermarkets and MAM's online shop for the RRP of £5.25

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