2 June 2012

I'm a big boy just like my brother!

 Now Charlie may be only 9 month old but he tries his hardest to copy things Thomas does. He follows him everywhere and grabs him at every chance possible. He is currently mastering crawling and today Charlie decided to become action man and throw himself into his Postman Pat inflatable ring.

 As you can see he found it difficult at first, after a while he got himself up and into it but then got stuck!

Laid flat and stuck trying to get his toys!

Woohoo!!! He got it! Only to throw it straight out of his play gym and then continue to chase it.

Trying again for a while to get out eventually he got stuck in one position and then gave up! Charlie laid hung over the side of his play gym for about 5 minutes just wriggling his toy around.

Now although this is great to see him moving about and playing more but it means my baby is growing up!!!

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