4 June 2012

Hauck I'coo Pacific 2 in 1 pushchair

When I had Thomas we went through a lot of prams, different brands, different styles until we came across the Hauck brand. Back then we decided on the Hauck Jeep Infinity which as well as been big, sturdy and bold was also comfy for Thomas and easy for me to push. So this time round it was a no brainer, go for a Hauck again. After much deliberation of which to choose from we decided on the Hauck I'coo Pacific. I liked this pram as it had bold colours and looked different from your average pushchair.

There was an extra surprise when I found out that it changes from a pram to a pushchair with just a couple of clicky straps. The seat pad flipped over to reveal a white cushioned base for Charlie to lay in whilst newborn and the boot cover clips over to make it into a pram.
There are a lot of reasons why I picked this pram but the one most important was the fact that it can be rearward or forward facing. I like the fact that I can just look down and see Charlie without having to lean over or pop my head round the front of the pram. Also to sit up and recline the seat is just one button and very simple to do.

This pram has many tricks up its sleeve though and the one I most admire is the fact that the seat unit can be highered and lowered to suit. So for example if we are in a cafe I can higher the seat unit and push Charlie under the table better as though its a kind of highchair which does save a lot of space and time.

Now for the features and extras. Not only do you get a fully adjustable canopy but you also get a matching boot cover and changing bag, there really is nothing more you need to use this pram, its up and ready to go.
It is suitable from birth, has a detachable bumper bar and a large shopping basket which is always great for carrying those little extras we always need when out and about.

The hood is very large and when used as a pushchair can be zipped up to make a smaller hood. I also find this great is sunny weather as  I unzip the hood and open it fully out stopping sun from shining on Charlie's face.

I find that the I'coo Pacific is very easy to manoeuvre one handed which is always a must when also having to hold Thomas's hand. Its huge back wheels means it can go across any terrain easily and its front swivel wheels make the pram go round corners with ease.

I would say the only flaw in this pram is that it doesn't fold down very small but I guess if you want a pram that is big, safe and truly gorgeous then it's an ok sacrifice to make.

The Hauck I'coo Pacific comes in Coffee (the colour ours is), stone, timber and tomato red.

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  1. What a great reveiw. I was looking for a pram and did not know you could get ones that turn from a pram to a pushchair so easily. I think I'm going to have to nap my husband to let me get this one now x

    Claire Braintree