25 May 2012

MAM Bite & Relax stage 2 teether

I have been sent out the Bite and Relax stage 2 teether. It was actually just in time as Charlie is cuffering really bad at the moment with his teeth.
It has been designed primarily for back teeth but can be chewed on all sides which means can help all pains and sooth instantly.

Charlie really enjoyed using and chewing it and when his teeth weren't hurting he found it fun to play with. It especially helps with each sides having different protruding designs so he could chew on the one best suited for the pain he had.
The best thing about the teether is that it comes in a steriliser box. just pop it in with 25ml of water and in the microwave for 3 minutes and there you go, ready to be used again.

It comes in blue, green and pink and can be bought from MAM directly.

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  1. hi, wonda harlow ere

    ive been looking for a teether and this looks like it works miracles