26 May 2012

The big 3! Oh no, growing up

Wednesday was Thomas's 3rd Birthday. I cannot believe time has gone so fast, it seems 2 minutes ago I was in hospital giving birth. He is now such a grown up little boy, lovingly playing, sharing and helping his little brother Charlie.
We had decorated the room with balloons and a few birthday banners and put all his presents in the middle of the room ready for him to open.

Thomas found it so exciting coming downstairs to open his presents, the happiness on his face when he saw the presents was so nice to see. We had bought him a climbing frame and slide for outside, a heap of new clothes and the whole Fireman Sam bedroom range, curtains, rug, cushions, bedding, pyjamas, the lot.
Opening presents from everyone else was a surprise for us as well as Thomas.

A few weeks earlier I had asked him what type of cake he wanted and he said Spongebob Squarepants which was a shocked as he seems to be obsessed with Fireman Sam at the moment.

Cant believe in only a few months my little boy will be starting nursery, he's all grown up!


  1. wow look at all them pressies and money, one lucky boy :) was the bday cake yummy? hehehe x

    1. He doesn't know, Thomas wouldn't eat the cake as he just wanted to dish it out for everyone else... with his hands lol

  2. Grow up so fast don't they? Lovely photos to treasure.