28 July 2017

Choosing The Right Lighting For Our Home

It's probably not a surprise to you all that I spend a lot of time, probably too much time, exploring Pinterest and finding how I'd love my house to look. You know, if I had the money. It's amazing the amount of products are available online and it's a great way to design your own rooms as you can find products that compliment each other. 

This week has signalled our next decorating project as my husband has started stripping all the walls in our front room, ready for the whole new design that we'll be doing in there. So, we've chose our colour scheme, we bought the rug and picked out the flooring, we've even got all the pictures ready for the walls and am waiting on our curtains coming in stock. But one thing we we're struggling with, was a nice lighting element to really stand out. 

I searched high and low to find table lamps that I actually liked, and that didn't just look like generic copies of each other, and then I found this glass dome Cloche which I knew would just work wonderfully in my newly designed living room.

It has stunning LED firefly lights on the inside and is placed on a black wooden base. It reminds me so much of so many different styles - modern, industrial, quirky - that I think, no matter the design we pick, it could quite easily fit in.

It's definitely a thing of beauty, and now I cannot wait to start decorating our living room so I can see how this amazing light will work its way into the design. 


  1. Definitely important but also where it's placed too There's lots of gorgeous ones around it's fun choosing

  2. This is a beautiful light, you could put a rose in it so it looks like beauty and the beast theme, we have a small living room so lighting is important to us too xxx

  3. Oh I love that light it is just so sparkly.. I have problems finding small lamps but this does look great!

  4. it is certainly unique! it would be great for a soft light in a lounge corner

  5. just how do you pick a home design that's right for you, and where can you find one? Well, for starters, no one is better fitted for this job but you, as home owners, only you can best appreciate your needs and requirements. Abby Ray

  6. That's a gorgeous dome...I might just get a similar one myself :) x