20 April 2017

Travelodge Scarborough St. Nicholas Hotel Review

Travelodge Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel, Travelodge, Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel Building, Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas Hotel

Last weekend saw us travel to Scarborough for a short break. It's not often that we get some time where we are all free, with work and school to fit everything around, and so, we savour every spare minute that we get to spend together. 

After a bit of frustration, and thinking we were going to have to cancel our break to the seaside, Travelodge came to our rescue with a room for the night so that we could take our, very much needed, night away. 

And luckily for us, Travelodge have a hotel right at the centre of Scarborough, 2 minutes from the station, and with a hilly walk down to the beach. The Scarborough St. Nicholas Hotel is set on St. Nicholas Cliff and overlooks the South Bay beach.

Travelodge, Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel, Hotel Reception,

With bay windows, the old-fashioned building is absolutely stunning. We walked inside to be greeted by a light, airy, and welcoming reception. The bar and restaurant are just up the stairs from here. It's a nice and spacious area with plenty of room for even bigger families, like us. 

After checking in, the receptionist pointed us into the direction of our room and explained how, because it's an old building, there are stairs about so pushchairs can be left with reception in a locked room if we wished to do so. I thought this was great as it means no fighting with trying to fit a pram around an old building, and the fact that you can store suitcases there too which was great for us on check out day. 

Travelodge, Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel, Family Room, Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas Hotel

Travelodge, Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel, Family Room,Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas Hotel

So, up to our room we went. We had a family room which fits 2 adults and 2 children. After speaking with the guys at Travelodge previously, they told us it was okay to have 3 children in the room as long as one was 2 and under and they could provide a cot if needed - we co-slept so didn't need this. 

Our room was very large and very spacious. The huge, king size Travelodge Dreamer Bed (which has been designed exclusively for Travelodge by Sleepeezee) took pride of place in the room. To the right of this was 2 single beds and to the left were 2 chairs which were positioned in the bay window. There was also a desk in the room and a television with Freeview. 

Travelodge, Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel, Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas Hotel

Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas Hotel, Travelodge, Scarborough, St Nicholas Hotel,

The bathroom was very large and had a full-sized bath with an over-bath shower, toilet and sink with plenty of fresh, clean towels. I would recommend making sure you know which way to turn the handles on the bath though as I tried to switch the bath on an ended up getting drenched from the shower ha!

After sorting our bags and having a little rest, we decided to walk down to the beach to have a relaxed evening on the sea front. Luckily, rather than having to do the long walk down to the bay, there is a ramped hill at the side of the hotel which leads you all the way down to the front. This is hidden just behind the old tram building (which is now a cafe) and makes the walk so much easier. 

Walking, Hill Walking,

We had gotten our days perfectly too as both the Saturday and Sunday were sunny weather days which meant that we could just have a relaxed stay and sit on the beach whilst the kids played. The beach was busy but there was still plenty of room to play so we found a spot and the kids launched towards the sea. 

Building sand castles with moats and paddling in the water, this is what a UK break is all about. The boys didn't seem bothered by the water at all, whereas I could only plop my feet in for a few seconds before having to run back out. Kids just don't seem to feel the cold though do they?!

Scarborough beach

Scarborough beach

Enjoying fish and chips on the beach whilst trying to avoid the seagulls is what it's all about. And we stayed on the beach until the sun started to disappear. The kids loved the sea air and after this, we went back up to the hotel for a bath to wash off all the sand and then we all passed out in the super comfy beds for the night. 

Up at the crack of dawn the next day, we decided to take the opportunity to have an early morning walk on the beach. I mean, it's not often that we get to stay that close to the beach so we made the most of it.

The views were just spectacular...

Scarborough Beach,

Scarborough Beach, Sunrise,

We then checked out, leaving our bags at reception until our train was due, and spent the rest of the day eating ice cream, lazing on the beach and paddling in the water - even I waded in further since the weather was so lovely.

The weekend was one of the best ones we've had for a while, it was so nice to spend it together. And it made it so much easier spending time at the seaside whilst staying so close to the beach with Travelodge.

Now I'll just leave you with the last few photos of the beach and us playing in the sun...

Scarborough Beach,

Scarborough Beach,

Scarborough Beach,


  1. Looks like a nice hotel. I like the red bathroom!

  2. I love Scarborough beach, when I lived in Yorkshire we would go there quite often, love that the Travel Lodge Rooms are so spacious, we stayed in one during the holidays, although we always need two rooms!

  3. That is probably the poshest travelodge I have seen - love the bay windows and the location looks stunning

  4. We have never been disappointed with Travelodge as it's such good value for money and having refurbished most of them they are nice, simple and stylish. Great location this one

    Laura x

  5. Love Travelodge,great for going away on a budget x

  6. That is a fab review, I've only stayed in a Travelodge once, but it was great value for money !

  7. I can't eat outside at Scarborough, the seagulls are too scary

  8. It's a while since I've been to Scarborough -tbis place like a good place to stop

  9. Ive never been to Scarborough or stayed in a Travelodge I'd definitely love to vidit there. The room u guys stayed in looks fab and great when on a budget.