16 February 2017

How Do You Keep Your Children Entertained At Home?

Entertaining children can sometimes be a pain in the metaphorical bum - especially in the school holidays. Trying to think up new adventures every day so that they don't get bored of everything can be a little infuriating.

When I think about it though, even though they have their own bedroom with most of their toys up there, it's not often they actually use is - apart from sleeping that is. The boys actually spend most of their time in the living room as that's where most things are that they use the most. 

The dining table for crafting on and colouring, painting and anything else that calls for a large table and then there are the technology aspects of the room. So they'll be in the living room when watching cartoons, playing on the Playstation and when playing on their tablets. Even most of their books end up downstairs for when they're reading. 

I was going through this survey and realised that they probably do use technology a little too much, from playing games and using their tablets to watching television. Even when they're bored they'll end up watching a film or something along them lines. 

And even though I do believe that technology is a useful way to learn and will be imperative when they get older, I do try to do other things to keep them entertained and away from the screens.

They love baking. In fact, they adore baking. At least twice, maybe three times, a week we will bake something or other. We use a really simple recipe for shortbread biscuits which T and C can both near enough do on their own now (apart from using the oven of course) which I think is great. It's so important for children to grow up knowing how to make food and baking is always a good place to start.

When I look around my house now, I realise just how much it has changed. Everything is child-proof, with covers on tables and latches on cupboards. The Rattan Direct survey has made me realise that child-friendly-ness is now the most important aspect when it comes to new purchase. 

So, how do you keep your children entertained at home?


  1. Looks like you have keeping them entertained down to a fine art x

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  3. Looks like u keep them busy with various activities.