2 January 2017

Creating A Child Friendly Garden That's Suitable For Adult Entertaining

You know what it's like when you have kids - everything becomes about them. Everything is organised around them, to suit them and for them. Such as our garden, and most of our house to be fair.

When we bought our house, one of the things that drew us to it was the nice size of the garden and the fact that it was flat. It meant that we could do so much to it. Well over the years we have slowly been adding stuff into the garden and trying to fit things in for the children, missing out that it was our garden too. 

This year we decided that we needed to make it more secure after the wind blew our fence down. We had a huge 6 foot fence put up to give us privacy and then had all this space and basically a blank canvas to work from. 

Slowly but surely, we have started to build out garden up. Okay it might take a few months to get it completed as these things always cost, but we'll get there eventually. 

Starting our with the children - of course, The Whacky Penthouse Wooden Playhouse was the very first product we got for the garden. We knew that it would be something that the kids would adore, and would last the years. It also looks beautiful at the bottom of the garden. 

Eventually, we'll be losing a lot of the grassed area and getting most of it paved, leaving just the area around the playhouse and a little bit extra for the kids to roll about on. I much prefer paving as it's easier to clean and means that I can place around loads of pots and planters. 

And that's where the gardening comes in. I am such a keen gardener. I adore flowers and plants, and strive to create a beautiful floral garden that will flourish throughout the year. With some special gardening protective clothing that I found on Engelbert Strauss, it means that I can get out and plant my flowers come rain or shine.

We also picked out some children's clothing for the boys so that they can get out, even whilst it's cold, to help me planting flowers. The bib and brace set for J is perfect for the winter weather and means that from a young age, they learn all about how plants grow. 

When I've finished creating our garden, I don't just want it to be a space for the children. I want to be able to have our adult friends over so that we can entertain them outdoors in the summer. To have a fancy gazebo up to protect us from the scorching sun (or peeing down rain). A space for our fire pit so that we can sit by the fire and toast to the new year. 

I think it's doable. Just a little rejigging of the space, sectioning off areas to create places for the kids and adults and in no time we'll have our children friendly garden.

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