30 April 2016

Win | Lonely Planet New Activity Series Bundle

As it's nearly itting the summer time, we all get the joy of planning our summer holidays. Getting to dream of all those amazing places we could visit, what we could see, do, eat, amazing! But of course, when you have kids, it does make things a little harder. 

As soon as you get seated in the car, on the train or on the plane, you get the comment 'are we there yet', 'how much longer', oh and the worst one 'I'm bored'. So,with thanks to Lonely Planet Kids, you can now banish the travel blues with their new activity series.

Launched just this month, the activity series features 3 books that are sure to keep boredom at bay for children aged between 5 and 12. The Lonely Planet Kids activity books are packed full of creative challenges and inventive games which will keep the whole family entertained when travelling.

28 April 2016

Character World | Zootropolis Wilde Duvet Cover Set

If you have bought your child character bedding before, then it is most likely being made by Character World. Character World has always had the aim of being the number one licensed textile manufacturer in the UK and makes bedding textiles for the likes of Disney, Peppa Pig, Marvel and DC Comics, and many more brands indeed. 

Recently, the brand new children's movie, Zootropolis, was released which is such an amazing film, the boys adored it. Zootropolis is based around the characters Officer Judy Hopps and con-artist Nick Wilde who must put their differences aside to work together in solving a baffling case.

27 April 2016

Win | Heat Holders Snuggle Ups Blanket

I love this time of year as it seems to be when everything seems to cheer up. The clocks have gone forward and so the days are longer and the children can play out longer into the evening. We are slowly edging towards summer, towards picnics, strolls on the beach, camping and relaxing in the garden. 

And so, to make sure you have somewhere comfy, cosy and convenient to sit this summer, Heat Holders bring their Snuggle Ups blanket to the table. 

The Heat Holders Snuggle Ups Blanket is the perfect choice for any outdoor trip or adventure this summer, offering enough room to lounge on during the day with the added benefit of being reliably warm; great for when the temperature dips after sunset (we are in Britain after all!).

24 April 2016

Win | Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine Range

It's safe to say that I'm not a big drinker. I rarely drink, and when I do, I like to drink low alcohol beverages as I'm not the type of person that finds alcohol fun. Eisberg are an alcohol-free wine producer with a range of wines to choose from. 

The wine is actually made the same way as standard wine and the alcohol is then removed at the end of the process. It's perfect for mums like me who, likes the taste of wine, but doesn't want the hangover to go with it. It's also great for designated drivers, mums-to-be or new mums that can't drink.

Having less calories than a green apple, it is also ideal for those keeping an eye on their diet. This is another plus for me as I am currently trying to cut down my calorie intake, but would normally drink fizzy pop if friends came round. At least this way, I have a nice glass of Eisberg wine in hand, and no horrible feelings as it isn't alcoholic.

22 April 2016

Safety Outdoors | What's In Your Handbag?

I've never thought about the worth of items that I carry in my bag before. I mean, I don't carry much around with me and I'm ever so cautious, who wants to pinch a couple of nappies and a half eaten KitKat anyway?

So it's safe to say, when I read that the average contents of a women's handbag contents was an average of £512 – with some women totalling an overwhelming £3,144, I was shocked. Who would be carrying all that worth around with them? 

According to national statistics, around a fifth of all women in the UK have experienced handbag theft. It’s not all about the value of the bags contents you need to worry about though as identity fraud is an issue with many people carrying around identification documents such as a driving licence or a passport as well as credit and bank cards.

The Hypocrisies of Being a Parent

When you get that first glimpse of your baby, that's it, life is perfect. In that moment, there is nothing better. You will do everything you possibly can to make sure your baby gets everything they need. And you will do everything in your power to make sure you are doing the best for your child. 

But then that moments passes, and people wade in. Then it becomes a constant battle of 'this is better', 'that is better', 'oh, you shouldn't be doing that', 'you're creating a rod for your own back'. Yeah, that!

And no matter what you do, someone will disagree with how you parent, what you choose for your baby and anything that you do, because, well, some people just like being judgemental. So today, I thought I'd write about the hypocrisies of being a parent. Those times when you can't do right for doing wrong...

Keeping Children Occupied Whilst Renovating Their Bedroom

Whether the room is just looking a little tired or you've recently welcomed a new family member, it could be time to renovate your child’s bedroom.

Now, doing this in your own bedroom is hard enough. However, doing it in a kid’s bedroom is even harder! Their daily and nightly routines are going to get disturbed. While works are happening, they may have to sleep elsewhere. And once they are back in their room, it may take them some time to adjust to their new surroundings.

So how can you make these renovations as seamless and stress-free as possible? Read on for a few suggestions.

21 April 2016

Win | Zoocchini Kids Towel from Potwells

As summer draws closer, the children dream of playing in the sun, digging in the sand, and eating tons of ice cream. And how best to dress for the pool, than with a beautiful Zoocchini kids hooded towel.

Having taken both the US and Canada by storm, these colourful and extremely high quality hooded towels are animal themed and are sure to make water adventures much more enjoyable this year. Each towel is cosy, super soft and warm, perfect for snuggling into after a dip in the pool.

And they all have their unique individual details such as hand grabs, paws, tails, fins, teeth, horns, manes and feathers, so your little ones can enjoy an unexpected opportunity for imaginary play. They even make bath time more fun.

20 April 2016

Buying Your Baby's First Shoes | A Visit to Poppy Red

There are many special moments when you're bringing up a baby. Their first laugh, weaning, starting to crawl and then walking to name a few. When your child start walking and walking outdoors more, you might get the extra special treat of taking them to get their very first pair of shoes.

Yes, that's right, babies should not wear hard-soled shoes until they can actually walk and make use of them. I know people seem to think that they look super cute on shoes, but do you realise how much you could be harming the growth of your little ones feet, and according to The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, they don't actually need proper shoes until they've been walking confidently for several weeks.

So, once your little one is a competent walker, now is the time to look into footwear for your baby and taking them for their first fitting. This is where you should do your research and find a place that will help put your baby at ease whilst doing the fitting, and will give you the time and patience that you need when passing this big milestone.

18 April 2016

My Top Tips For Reconnecting With Your Partner

When it comes to relationships, they can be complicated, they can be annoying, they can be upsetting. But they can also be uplifting, worthwhile and the best thing ever. Building and sustaining a healthy relationship is half of the battle when it comes to being a couple and you always have to work at it to make sure that you are on track. 

Then becoming parents wades in and everything is thrown out. Everything is focused on the children and partners can feel left behind. I know this all too well. Me and my husband have been together for over 11 years and married nearly 8. Throughout this time, with babies, miscarriages, it has been hard, very hard in fact at times.

17 April 2016

Win | In The Night Garden Zippy Suit

Zippy Suits were first created to reduce the time and stress of baby changing. These amazing all-in-one suits have zips which go from one leg, all the way up to the neck, so no more struggling to fasten poppers and matching them up wrong at nappy changes. 

From there, a range of bibs, muslins and swaddles were created to complement the suits. With their own designs, and even coming together with the likes of In The Night Garden, My First JCB and Cloud Babies, to create baby items that capture the essence of their brands whilst featuring the design innovations that Zippy Baby is famous for.

16 April 2016

Win | Lonely Planet Pop-Up Cities Bundle

When it comes to reading, Thomas loves it. He has a mountain of books and is always finding new gems that he cannot put down. He loves being red to as well, as does Charlie, and I want this to be the same for Joseph as he grows older as well. 

As well as this love of reading, Thomas also has a passion with travelling. Although we haven;t been anywhere abroad since he was 1 year old, he always talks about how he would like to visit other countries, see new sights and explore new surroundings. 

15 April 2016

Win | Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauces

I'm sure everyone has heard of Jack Daniel’s, but did you know that they also do a range of barbecue sauces to bring that sweet taste of Tennessee to your food plate and your barbecue. 
There is a whole range of Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauces, Tennessee Honey Barbecue Glaze is the newest addition to the range, which also includes the Hot Pepper Steak Sauce, Extra Hot Habanero Barbecue Sauce, Smooth Original and Full Flavor Smokey Sauces as well as the Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze.

All of the sauces are either made with real Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey or Tennessee Honey which gives them that distinctive smoothness folks have come to expect from Jack Daniel’s along the years.

14 April 2016

Win | Fit For Keeps Fitness Clothing Bundle

Fit For Keeps is a fitness business that is run by Sarah Lambley and Jenny Garside. The pair used their experience which helped them understand what women want from fitness, what motivates them and what barriers are in their way.

Feeling that no-one was providing the right kind of home fitness solution for women, and seeing an opportunity to encourage ‘lifestyle’ fitness instead of fitness fads, they set up Fit for Keeps to research, design and develop solutions for today’s market.

After much research and testing, the Tuffit was born. The Tuffit is a cardio and strength piece of training equipment designed to look just like furniture so it doesn't look out of place in the home. What's more, you can even customise the Tuffit so it fits in with the décor in your house.

13 April 2016

5 Sure Fire Ways To Reduce Your Monthly Outgoings

When it comes to our monthly income, it can seem like it is gone before we know it. How does that happen? Sometimes life can feel like one bill after another, and there never seems to be anything left to save for some of the finer things in life. But, by making a few changes to your outgoings and habits, you can begin to save some money. Meaning you can go on that holiday you are lusting or put it towards some amazing things for the family. I thought I would share with you a few ways you can help reduce your monthly outgoings. 

Compare your electricity and gas costs
So many of us are not on the best deal that our provider can offer. I bet that if you looked at alternative suppliers, it might even be cheaper still. But the perception is that changing your gas or electricity supplier is hard work. However, these days the companies tend to handle the whole thing for you. As long as you are vigilant with obtaining meter readings, there is no reason why you can’t reduce this bill. You could even contact them directly and get them to reassess your use resulting in a reduced direct debit.

12 April 2016

Ghastly Gastro Ghouls & Noro Stories

Having poorly children with sickness and diarrhoea is hard at the best of times, even worse when you are poorly as well. Have you ever had one of those days where you need to travel somewhere or there's a big event, but your little one is struck down and all plans go to pot?

Little ones can suffer from sickness and diarrhoea a few times a year and it's usually at the worst possible times. Norovirus and Rotavirus are the most common stomach bugs with the latter being a highly infectious stomach bug that typically strikes babies and young children. 

That's why it pays to be prepared and that is exactly why my emergency cupboard is always full to the brim with lotions and potions to help ease my children's symptoms. I remember as a child, as soon as a bug hit, the Dioralyte would be brought out by my mum and it's still popular now.

Making the Home Perfect When You've Extended

We’d all love to extend our homes at some point. This is something that can add a lot of value to the home, and improve your quality of life. But, I can promise you that's it isn't going to be simple. You need to make sure you do what you can to make the home perfect when you've extended. And you can use some of my advice to help you achieve that.

Plan it Before
I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan and prepare for an extension. You need to plan out all the work you’re going to do. But, you also need to plan out how you’re going to proceed when you've finished the extension. If you can plan everything out, you will be sure it all goes smoothly. Trust me; extensions can be a pain in the backside, especially if you have a family. So, by planning things you can ensure that it all goes much more smoothly, and you can be sure you.

9 April 2016

The 4 Year Diary of My Life

4 years ago I started a little blog called Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum. I didn't expect it to do well. I didn't expect people to read it. I just wanted somewhere to put down my memories, my feelings, that wasn't a dairy. As, as much as I love writing this blog and typing it all out, I hate manually writing. 

A blog seemed the way that I could store everything that I wanted to write about, without actually having to keep a diary. And that's where it all began...

Now, 4 years later, I am humbled at what my little blog has become. I am proud that it has now become something that people actually read, that people relate to and that people, take their time out of their busy days, to comment on.

3 April 2016

My Love of Quirky Homewares

When it comes to designing our house and how it looked, I am a very much so into quirky colours, designs and patterns. I am not one for boring cream and magnolia, and instead, every one of the rooms in the house has a different theme. 

I love this as it means, as you move through the house, your mood changes by the surroundings and that, in turn, means that I can create a soothing bedroom, yet a bold livingroom. On my search for everything different, I came across UncommonGoods who offer a huge range of quirky home décor to suit any tastes and designs. 

1 April 2016

Youngsies‏ | Baby Bee Costume

When it comes to dressing and buying clothing for my sons, I like to go bright, I like to go bold. I mean, plain is just boring. I love colour and patterns and funky designs, and I think that's what childhood is all about. Having fun with things, even clothes. 

Recently, Joseph was sent a super cute Baby Bee Onesie from Youngsies to buzz around in. Youngsies is an online store where you can purchase animal onesies for your young ones and is the number one site in the UK for these adorable romper suits. From panda onesies, to shark towels, there are loads of animals to choose from for your little ones wardrobe.