29 January 2016

Giveaway | Baby Born Interactive Doctor Doll

I remember when I was a child. Dolls were where it was at. I had loads of them and loved pretending to have my own baby. Feeding and burping her, it was so sweet. So today I bring you an amazing giveaway and something that my inner child is screaming out to play with. A cute Baby Born Interactive Doctor Doll with all her adorable little features. 

Baby Born has now set up her own doctor’s surgery where she lovingly cares for every patient, and treats every imaginable ailment, with all of her own doctor accessories to help everyone get through a long day at the surgery.

26 January 2016

UK Floods | Warm, Wet and Windy

Go back to last month, the rain battering our country and bringing the us to our knees. Who knew that something that we usually wouldn't be concerned about, could cause so much destruction. Not only was December one of the wettest calendar months on record, but it was also the warmest December we have ever had, like since records began.  

And it showed just how under-prepared we were for such occurrences. Up here in the North, I have never seen nothing like it in my life. You wouldn't believe that it was just water, it felt so dangerous, so frightening. 

24 January 2016

10 Things I Never Said Before I Had Sons

Sons are amazing, they truly are. I am so blessed to have been gifted with 3 boys that I get to help mould into men. After I had so much fun writing my post, 10 Things That Mums Of Boys Will Understand, I decided to do this one which features the 10 things that I never thought I would ever say.

Well, that was until my sons came along anyway, and now most of these things, amongst others, are said frequently...

22 January 2016

Mum Tries | Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture

As a mum of 3 children, I don't often get much time to think about myself. I usually go for the, dragged through a hedge backwards look. Don't get me wrong, I do like to dress up every now and then, but on the most part, I just tie my hair back, slap on some foundation and off I go. 

But I started to realise that I need no at least look after my hair a little more. It seemed like an endless cycle of colouring my hair and then tying it up to hide the fact that it's so dry and brittle. You see, I colour my hair a lot. 

19 January 2016

Get On Your Bike | Win a Ride Out With Chris Boardman

It's no shock that we, as a family, love riding our bikes. As soon as the boys are home from school, we pop on our helmets and go for a cycle, teaching the boys how to ride a bike and also to get that love of the great outdoors. 

The new Performance range from Boardman has gone through rigorous hours and miles of testing by the Boardman team to ensure that the latest models are the best available. There are 23 new bikes in the range, with something for every type of rider. From the thrill seeking mountain biker to the commuter, each bike has been designed with the needs of the cyclist in mind.

17 January 2016

Grace & Valour | Chrysalis Rose Quartz Joy Bangle Giveaway

I can't believe that it is only 7 weeks until Mother's Day. It feels like only last week I was celebrating the first year of being a mum of 3 beautiful boys and now it's about to come around again. Mothering Sunday 2016 falls on Sunday, March 6th this year so now is the time that we need to start organising those gifts for the females whom we hold dearest. 

To give you a helping hand, I am coming together with Grace & Valour to give away this gorgeous Chrysalis Rose Quartz Joy Bangle to one of you, lucky readers. Now you can gift this to your mum or wife for Mother's Day, or keep it yourself as your own little present, it's up to you.

9 January 2016

Booked It, Packing It And Naffing Off!

Now 2016 is here, we have been looking to book all our holidays for this year. We currently always stay in the UK as I think Joseph is too young to go anywhere too hot and I much prefer to British coast line anyway. 

I started to have a browse around the net this morning to search for deals and new locations to visit, when I came across this here article which states that today is known as Sunshine Saturday in in the travel industry. Apparently, today is the busiest day of the year for holiday companies as us Brits get set for the holidays by booking our summer getaways. 

To be honest, I can't blame people really. It is a way to beat the winter blues and have something to look forward to. A goal for when you need to 'drop a dress size' by. A reminder of when you'll get to spend those days as a family with no interruptions.

As I said, we always book in the UK but according to research by My Voucher Codes, 62% of people would prefer to go abroad with Spain topping the list of holiday destinations for 2016. With its long sandy beaches and hot weather, it is the ideal place to go abroad without too much of a long flight to endure. Only 19% were wanting to holiday in the UK and the remaining 19% were undecided.

I have visited Spain many times and Greece also, Greece being third on the list of where people wanting to visit. When the kids are older, I would love to take them to Greece with us, to see all the beautiful ruins and learn a bit more about the Greek way of life. My husband has a dream of one day visiting Italy, which is 7th on the list, Venice to be precise and then also Australia as he has family who live there although I don't think I could ever do that long flight though!

For us though, just now we are sticking to what we know and like so have booked 3 holidays for this year so far. One to Scarborough, then the Blackpool and then Bridlington. The boys have only ever visited Scarborough so it will be great to show them somewhere different.

I can't wait. Booking our holiday always makes it feel like a weight has lifted. it makes me happy to know that we have plans for the next few months and gets us organised for the year ahead. I really cannot wait to get on that sandy beach and nervously dip my toes in the sea before running away from the Freezing water.

How about you, have you booked your summer holidays yet?

7 January 2016

Winter Style With Pisamonas Children's Shoes

When out shopping, I will always end up buying something for the boys to wear. They have loads of clothes, more than me in fact and I'm always buying more. I just can't help myself. But footwear, that's another story entirely. I am picky with shoes. Children's feet are just so precious and I believe that you have to buy the right quality to help their little feet grow without compromise.

When Pisamonas emailed and asked if we would like to receive some of their children's footwear for the boys, I made sure I scoped them out first and took a look at who they are and what they offer quality-wise before deciding that these would be an ideal company to write about. 

Pisamonas are an online children's shoe store who offer high quality kids footwear designed and made in Spain, for the best prices you can find anywhere around. Focussing on classic shoes, Pisamonas have positioned themselves in Spain as the main online store for children's shoes and now have online shops in Portugal, France and the UK.

With all the footwear being manufactured in Europe, Pisamonas pride themselves on the fact that they offer both quality and fair prices with comfortable and stylish footwear for our children. Classic shoes are my all time favourites, with Desert boots and boat shoes being right at the top of the list for the boys. Pisamonas also offer ballerina flats and Mary Janes for the little ladies in your life.

So, off I popped to pick the perfect pair for each of my boys, a pair suitable for Winter style. I asked the boys what they thought would be best and, after much deliberation, they both picked a pair of boots each, after explaining exactly what they'd wear on the fashion shoot to show them off. Why these boys are getting too good at this modelling for my blog now, they even think they're the stylists also!

First of all were Thomas' and he went for the Suede Aviator Boots with Zip which are priced at £36.95 and come in a choice of navy blue or brown, Thomas going for the latter. An urban styled pair of boots that are so suitable for Autumn/Winter. With a thick, black rubber anti-slip sole for extra grip, even in snowy weather, these boots provide maximum comfort with the inside lining to keep feet warm and protected.

These aviator style boots are perfect for older and younger children as although they have a lace fastening, they also have a side zip fastening so are super easy to put on and take off without having to mess with the laces. I think this is a big plus as Thomas sometimes needs to take off his shoes at school and hates having to spend time fastening his laces back up afterwards. 

Next up, Charlie decided on a pair of adorable Yeti Boot Trainers priced at £22.95, choosing the navy blue pair (available also in light grey and black) as he adores anything blue! These fleece lined canvas trainers could easily pass for an expensive pair of children's boots, just without the hefty price tag. The boots stand out with a beautiful fleecy detail and look almost denim like in colour, perfect for the little fashionista's amongst us.

Charlie enjoys wearing them as boots, tucking his trousers into them, but they can also be worn as shorter shoes by folding down the side and the tongue. I love how they give the style and formality of boots but the comfort or trainers.

For Joseph, I wanted to pick a little pair of boots so that he would co-ordinate with his siblings and so went for these absolutely cute Suede Boots with Coloured Laces and Stitchings which are £24.95, going for Sand in the colour option so that they would match in with any outfit. These beautiful Safari Chukka Boots have a rubber anti-slip sole, perfect to keep him steady when he starts to toddle about.

Coming with 2 pairs of laces, one pair being the same colour as the boots and the other pair are blue which just look wonderful paired with the sandy coloured boots. Joseph thinks wearing shoes is amazing and so, so funny, opting to try and play with them whenever he can. I think that they look adorable on and help him to keep his little feet flat on the ground whilst stepping about. 

Me personally, not only do I love the quality and style of the Pisamonas range, I also love how they make ordering online super easy for us parents. They offer free delivery on everything and if that wasn't enough, they will also exchange them for you if they don't fit or you've decided on a different style, with free returns!

But to make things even better, each pair of footwear shows the exact sizes (in CM) that the inner of the shoe is, so all you have to do is measure your child's feet and choose the size which corresponds with that measurement, always going up in size slightly for growth room.

As you can see, when it comes to style, Pisamonas offer it in spades and the shoes speak for themselves with regards to quality and design alike. What's more, Pisamonas currently have a huge sale on and everything on their site has 15% off so now is the best time to grab a bargain!