8 December 2016

Winter Sports Your Kids Should Try At Least Once

Now that the summer is far behind us, you might think that there aren’t so many opportunities to take the kids on an adventure. But ask any parent in Canada, Russia or the Nordics when the real sporting season starts, and they’ll tell you it’s the winter. Heck, we even have an entire Olympic games dedicated to winter sports, so there must be something pretty special about them. 

Winter sports are a great opportunity for kids, and parent, to try something new, do something different, and otherwise have an epic time once the mercury dips and the snow starts falling. 

Dog Sledding
Dog sledding might be a bit unusual in southern latitudes, and it may even be frowned upon in Yorkshire. But it’s also an exhilarating winter activity which enables you to explore even the most frozen and desolate landscapes. Kids will learn how to work with teams of panting dogs as well as how to balance on a sled being pulled at speed.

Obviously, you’ll want to find an experienced guide before you begin your dog sledding adventure. Guides will teach you and your kids about the importance of clear communication, as well as teamwork and looking after animals. Dogs get cold too!

Cross-Country Skiing
Cross country skiing is a type of skiing that is gaining in popularity. There are more and more opportunities to enter competitions and win trophies from websites such as www.trophiesplusmedals.co.uk. Cross-country skiing involves going both up and down snow-capped mountains, as well as side-to-side. And it involves a considerable amount of fitness. If your family has a love of adventure, then this is definitely one to try. If you prefer to take things easy, then perhaps give this one a miss. 

Ice Fishing

No rule says that fishing is something that has to be confined to the summer months. In fact, it’s something that the pros do all year round. To make the experience a little more pleasurable, ice fishers usually set up something called a shanty. This is like a little, heated shelter which keeps out the worst of the elements, making sure the fisherman stays warm during a long fishing stint. Even if your kids aren’t all that into fishing, it’s something that they should at least try once, even if it’s just to spend a bit more time with grandpa. Ice fishing is usually done through an open hole in the ice and can be rather exciting if you get a big catch. 

If your family loves hiking adventures in the summer, then it will love snowshoeing in the winter. Snowshoeing, for those who don’t know, is just like hiking, except you wear big shoes that cover a large surface area, to stop you from sinking into the snow, according to www.snowshoemag.com.

Snowshoeing is supposed to be easier than walking through snow using regular hiking boots, and it is, but that doesn't mean it’s easy. Kids will need a lot of core strength as well as some specialist equipment, like winter clothing, the shoes themselves, and walking poles. 9.4 percent of snowshoers are children.

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