9 December 2016

The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover For A Good Night Sleep

On average, you spend six to eight hours in your bedroom per day. In short, a third of our day is spent in one single room in the house. When you know how important a good night sleep is in your everyday life, you cannot ignore the bedroom any longer. The bedroom is the room is the house that needs to feel altogether relaxing and welcoming; it needs to help you take off your mind of the pressure and worries of the day and prepare you to start a brand new day feeling refreshed and healthy. Does it do all of that for you? No? Then you need to give your bedroom a makeover.

The Ideal Temperature Setting And How To Keep It So
The ideal temperature in your bedroom needs to be lower than in your main living room. For most UK households, the lounge that generally holds a dining table and a TV is the room of the house where most of your waking hours will be spent. Consequently, this is also the warmest room. You would find in there temperatures around 20 degrees, in average from 19 to 22. Your body rests at best in temperatures that are between 16 and 19 degrees. Consequently, this should be the setting for your bedroom.

Controlling the heating in your house is, therefore, key for a night of rest. Nowadays smart heating controls are even available on smartphones to get things ready in a click! But also making sure that your house is well insulated and that no heat can escape from the windows is equally important. 

Create A Soothing Ambience 
Feeling relaxed goes beyond the temperature in the room. It is also about the ambience that you create around you. You can start by arranging your bedroom to create a calming and soothing ambience that invites to sleep. Little details like an elegant set of bed linen, or soft touches of colour with strategically positioned cushions on the bed, or even using candles to dim the light can change a lot, and can definitely help you go to bed in a stress-free environment. As a general rule of the thumb, bedrooms that are decorated primarily in energetic colours, such as bright red or orange, make it more difficult for your mind to settle down and go to sleep. 

Choose The Right Mattress For Your Needs
Mattresses are not made to last indefinitely. Your mattress and your pillows can start showing signs of wear after a few years. They can equally present a breeding ground for a variety of germs that will disturb your night sleep and, while they may not cause malign health damages, will impact on the quality of your rest. Additionally, our bodies change with time, and your mattress needs to adapt to the level of firmness and comfort that you require. Most bedding experts advise to review your sleeping position and needs every couple of years, to make sure that you get the most out of your mattress. 

Grab yourself the sleep you deserve with these tips. You will wake up feeling like a better and stronger you!


  1. Some really great tips :) Will hopefully sleep a little better tonight!

  2. Great tips need to try a few of these ideas

  3. Useful especially a nice comfy mattress

  4. Definitely fantastic advice! I have an awful sleep each night so will be trying these out xx