8 December 2016

Sitting Pretty: What To Look For When Buying A New Sofa

All of a sudden you’ve realised your current sofa’s looking a bit tatty and could do with an upgrade. Trouble is you’re not sure what you’re looking for, everything seems to be the same and the sale price appears to be different to the one you were quoted. Don’t worry, as thanks to our fantastic three-step guide, you’ll soon be ordering a brand new couch with confidence and all in time for Christmas too.

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Does It Have A Sturdy Frame?
Just like people sofas come in a range of shapes and sizes as well being constructed of different materials. Try to avoid sofa frames made out of plastic, particle board or metal as they could crack over time, while soft woods such as pine may be better, but it does tend to warp after a while. Experts suggest that the best frames come from hard woods such as oak, ash, or beech which are far more durable as well as being much harder to snap accidentally. Look at the sofa legs. Are they held on with glue? If so move on as legs should be a part of the frame or securely attached with long screws or wooden dowels.

Is It Covered In A Tough Fabric?
Sofas need to be able to stand up to stains, dirt, pets, kids and more as well as being fire retardant and meet all safety standards. Find out more about various options as well as Cotton and linen are good choices, although they can stain so the best material to choose is a synthetic fabric that's able to be cleaned easily. Wool and leather-based sofas are robust, aesthetically pleasing and look excellent in a modern family home. Pick a sofa that has a pattern woven in; it’ll hide dirt better than a plain one, as well as tend to be better quality than a design just printed on. Ask your salesperson, such as the knowledgeable folk at steed upholstery if you can buy a discounted fabric swatch then place it in the spot that you intend your sofa to. You’ll quickly be able to see if it matches your existing decor, catches enough light and is suitable for your overall needs. 

Can You Feel The Sofa Springs? 
Good quality couches contain well coiled, sinuous, snake or serpentine springs that help to give the sofa support however these can sag through use. The best sofas are equipped with eight hand tied springs and are known for being able to stand up to plenty of wear and tear. Don’t be afraid to feel under the cushions to see if you can detect the springs underneath, they should feel close together, tight and firm instead of being loose, straight or, worst of all, poking up through the surface of the sofa. Products that have been designed with just webbing, mesh or supportive material are often weaker than couches with plenty of springs. Look out for any audible squeaks, creaks or groans when you sit on the corner or outside edge of the sofa as these can be a sign the springs have been incorrectly aligned.

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