15 December 2016

Sick Of Waiting For A Home That Just Isn't Selling?

You stand to make a lot of money from selling your home, but if you’re unprepared, don’t expect to get the cash in your hand just yet. A lot of people dive into selling without the right preparation. Which means they’re going to be dealing with a lot of busy work before anything can be finalised. You want the sale of the home to be as quick and painless as possible, right? Here’s how you turn the odds of that possibility in your favour.

Add some curb appeal
If you want a home to sell quicker, you have to make it a much more appealing buy. For a lot of people, it’s the first impression that really counts. Make a good one by taking the time to spruce up the exterior of the home. Tidy up the garden and take care of any imperfections like cracks in the wall or old and damaged windows. Consider adding a lick of paint to the front door and adding a few decorative touches (like lights or hanging plants) to give it a much more welcoming aspect from the outside. You don’t want people looking at a home that still looks like a work in progress.

Get it sale ready
That applies to the inside, as well. You should be as strict about the cleaning as possible. Give the whole home a deep clean then clean as you go while still living there. Look closely for any signs of damp and mould and treat them. If your home has a bad smell anywhere, that’s a real problem. It’s not enough to just try and mask the smell. You need to find the source and fix it. De-cluttering is essential, too, so people get a good idea of how much space they have without any distracting factors. You don’t have to de-personalize it, however. Your d├ęcor might not match another’s tastes, but it can give them an example of how the space is used. People aren’t going to feel quite so imaginative heading into an empty room. Show them a space that already looks like it can sustain a happy home life.

Spread the word
Next, comes the marketing. A real estate agent can take care of a lot of that, but you can do just as much yourself. Nowadays, there are a lot of home buying and selling sites to choose from. When using them, make sure you don’t try exaggerate any of the details of the home, like calling the attic a ‘room’ unless it’s converted or upscaling the room sizes slightly. People will notice the discrepancy. Instead, be honest with the details and flattering with the photos. If rooms look dim in the photo, you need to address whether it’s the photo’s fault or the rooms. It can be a good way to gauge if you need a different colour or lighter curtains in there, for instance.

Get your own inspection
A lot of home buyers nowadays aren’t just going to make buys based on their guts. They might get turned off the home by any problems found during an inspection or slow the process down with some unnecessary haggling. Instead of avoiding a buyer’s home inspector, you should prepare for them. The easiest way to do that is simply hiring a home inspector yourself before you start selling. Figure out all the issues that might come up and work on them before you get the ball rolling on this whole thing.

Enlist a little help
You might feel perfectly confident in doing this all yourself, but an estate agent can really be a huge help in getting your home to sell quicker. Just make sure you choose the right one. Do plenty of research on your prospective choices by looking at the homes they’ve sold and the ones they’re currently selling. If the homes the sell are much like yours, then there’s a better chance they have experience that’s directly applicable. Get a good idea of how they’re going to sell the home, which sites they list on and what extra marketing materials they prepare. It’s not a bad idea to go with the agents who go the extra mile to print things like floorplans and virtual online tours. Just make sure your home is ready for the in-depth look.

Sort the legal stuff
Have conveyancing solicitors chosen before you start inviting people in the home. Conveyancing can take some time, so if you wait until you agree a sale to find legal help, you’re going to be holding the whole show up. Estate agents are most likely going to offer to put you in touch with a solicitor, but it’s a better idea to find one yourself. Otherwise, you could get surprised by some nasty referral fees added on top of what you’d already be paying. Again, do your research and get in touch with the conveyances to ask about their services before you agree to hire anyone.

Be careful with quick sale firms
You might spot some advertisements online or in your area offering to quickly snap up your home. Especially if quick sale firms find out you’re selling your home. But these aren’t always the golden opportunities they can appear to be. For one, you’re almost guaranteed to get a lower price from them than by selling yourself or through an estate agent. Some have been found to engage in even worse practices. For instance, some have been found guilty of providing false home valuations, causing homeowners to believe that they couldn’t get more for their home. Others would offer an established value, then drop it harshly just days before the sale was supposed to go through. It’s best to steer clear of quick sales if you can.

Selling a home is never guaranteed to be a swift and painless operation. However, with the tips above, know that there’s little more you can on your end to sell it quicker. Just be ready on your side and gauge your buyers carefully so you don’t get messed around.

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