22 December 2016

New Year's Resolutions You Need To Make - For Your Home!

The new year is now just around the corner - it's hard to believe we are almost into 2017! The year goes by so fast and before we know it, Christmas is over and we're already back to work. This can be pretty disheartening, but the start of a new year doesn't always mean doom and gloom. It is also a great time to make new plans and to set new challenges for yourself. 

Most of us make at least one New Year's resolution and they can give us the motivation to pursue something for the rest of the year. If you're struggling to think of a resolution to make this year, why not look to your home for inspiration? Unless you've just literally had a remodel, everyone's house could do with a little TLC. Take advantage of the January sales and make the new year the time to do it. 

Fix the essentials
One way to fix up your home in the new year is by finally getting those niggling things fixed - the things you have been putting off for ages. This could be anything from a dodgy plug socket that needs re-wiring, or a discoloured patch from a bout of damp you had. Whatever it is, it's always better to get these types of things sorted before you move onto more fun, decorative jobs. Otherwise, you may face dealing with a more serious issue in the future. For example, not tending to that missing roof tile could lead to a leak, which overall would cost much more than simply getting it fixed in the first place. 

Get some new additions 
Most parents are familiar with their child's reaction when they get a new toy - especially one that they grow to love for a number of years. Getting a 'grown-up' toy can give us the same kind of feeling of excitement, especially when it's something that improves our lives! Treat yourself to some kind of adult treat equivalent, whether it's a new suite or a new kitchen courtesy of someone like Poplar Home Improvements. Making your home more luxurious yet also more functional ultimately leads to a happier place to live. Plus, you can live safely in the knowledge that any improvements you do make to your property are a worthwhile investment. 

Consider your colour scheme 
Colour can have a notable impact on human emotions. Typically speaking, warm and bright colours tend to make us feel lively and happy, whereas colder darker tones tend to dull us down a bit. However, it really does vary from person to person. If some of the rooms in your property simply aren't doing it for you anymore, you may just need to give them a lick of paint. Pop to a DIY store and pick up a ton of colour palettes and brochures - Dulux do good ones. Scan them without overthinking it too much to see which colors really jump out at you. Chances are these are the ones you truly connect with and are the ones that will stand the test of time in your property.

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