14 December 2016

Little Design Touches That Go A Long Way

As you think about the design for your home, you’re probably thinking about the overall look and feel that you want to achieve. When you have that in mind, you want to try your hardest to get every part of the design process to live up to what you’ve envisioned. Sometimes, it can be hard to make everything stick, and you end up with a space that isn’t quite right.

When that happens, you need to take a step back and think about what you can do to put it right. At times like this, more often than not, you can do a lot by changing just a little. It’s the same with upgrading your current space. You may not want to undergo a complete redecorating process, but small changes can help you out.

Add A Pop Of Colour
First of all, you might be thinking about the home improvements you can make when you have a family. You could be worrying about putting in incredible design features that just wouldn’t work with small children, and feeling lost as a result - but don’t be. When you’re thinking about your home from a family perspective, use colour. As your priorities change, it’s much easier to change just one thing than it is to redo everything. Paint picture rails or shelving, or even add in one feature wall of colour to add some personality to the room instead.

Choose Prints
Opting for prints is another way that you can change up your design for maximum impact. There is a range of wallpaper prints that you can choose from that will add to a room but not affect your family life. You can also do the same with textiles. Printed cushions and throws look great, and if you choose them in the right colours, they won’t get messed up either. That way, you get to add an element of design without worrying how it will work for practical reasons.

Add A Statement Feature
You might be wondering how you can transform a plain and simple room into something quite special. If that’s the case, why not focus on a statement feature. You could choose an old piece of furniture or an elegant sofa set, but if you’re concerned about practicality, you might want to go with designer lighting instead. That way, not only will it look incredible in the room, it’s not going to be affected by your young children.

Add Accessories
And then, there’s always accessories. If you have a basic room, with neutral colours and simple furniture, you can add a lot more warmth and personality with the accessories you add in. Whether you decide to add in colour or keep to your colour scheme, you can do a lot with things like candles and vases, cushions and artwork. 

Focus On The Floor
When you’re not sure how you can make a simple change to a space that works quite well for your family, look down. Your flooring choice is probably practical at the moment, but it can also be stylish and functional. You can find lots of family friendly flooring options that are easy to take care of and keep clean, but that look great too!

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