23 December 2016

Keep Strangers Away! Unmissable Tips You Need To Make Your Home Safe For Your Kids

It’s always a worry for parents about who is looking in your home. After all, so many people walk past your property on a daily basis. And they could potentially be looking in and seeing your kids. And for a lot of abductions in the UK, the person actually takes kids from their own home! Therefore, you need to protect your kids so that this doesn’t happen to your family. To ensure strangers stay away, here are some unmissable tips you need to make your home safe for your kids.

Ensure the front door is properly locked
It’s easy to just leave your front door on latch while you are in the house. After all, you don’t think anybody will bother to try and get in your home. But a lot of break-ins actually occur in the daytime! And it only takes a few seconds for someone to get into your home and take one of the kids. Also, if they take your belongings, a lot of insurance companies won’t pay out if there isn’t sign of forced entry! So you could end up out of pocket after a break-in. As well as this, not having the door properly locked could mean your little one wanders outside. Therefore, it’s so important to make sure that the door is properly locked in your home at all times. If you find it’s not shutting properly, it’s best to get in sorted sooner rather than later. In fact, you might consider getting a new front door. That way, you can ensure it’s shut to keep your kids safe.

Consider a video doorbell 
A lot of people feel uneasy about answering their front door. And it’s no surprise if you don’t know who it is. After all, it could potentially be someone selling something. Or even worse, someone who is just trying to get into your home. Therefore, a lot of people go for a chain which will ensure your door can only open a fraction. That way, you can see who it is without having the possibility of them getting in. Another option which has come into play is a video doorbell. With this device, you can check who is at the front door from anywhere in the house. Therefore, you could be in the bathroom upstairs, and you can see via video if it’s someone you know. And if you are not home, you will be alerted by your smartphone. And you can talk to the person at the front door to find out what you need. With a device like this, you can ensure you don’t allow strangers to enter your home. And if you want to find a good one, you can look online for a video doorbell review.

Opt for shutters on the windows
When it comes to windows, you need to be so careful that people can’t see into your home. After all, if your child’s bedroom is to the front of the property, anyone who is walking past might see that they live in your home. Therefore, you should consider getting some shutters for your home. There are lots of benefits to having these on your windows. For one thing, you can stop people seeing in if you close them during the day. But also, they are good for preventing UV rays in your home. And it can ensure your home retains heat so that you don’t end up out of pocket. If you are not keen on shutters, you could consider blinds for your child’s bedroom. That way, you can just open them partially in the day so no stranger can see into your home!

Opt for a sturdy fence in garden
Kids love to play out in the garden. After all, it gives them so much space to explore. And they can discover new things such as wildlife and plants. Also, getting some vitamin D is essential to keep your little one healthy. However, if you are going to let your little ones play outside, you need to make it’s a secure area for them. After all, you don’t want to turn your head for a minute and find your little one has been taken. Therefore, you should opt for a sturdy fence in your garden which will ensure its private from your neighbours. That way, you don’t have to worry about your little one when they are out in the garden. Also, you should consider going for large plants such as conifers to keep your backyard protected from strangers. 

Ensure your back gate has a good lock
You also need to make sure you have a sturdy gate in your garden. A lot of people leave their gate and don’t update it for many years. But if it’s in poor condition, you should replace it for the sake of your child’s safety. After all, you don’t want someone getting in your home as the gate is easy to open! Sometimes it’s just a new lock that is required. After all, it might be old which makes it easy for strangers to enter. Therefore, invest in a new lock so that your little ones can stay safe in your home!

Look into getting a pooch
Of course, there are many good reasons why your family should get a pooch. For one thing, it can teach your child responsibility and nurturing skills. And it’s often a great tool to get kids to open up. And if your little one is around animals when they are young, they are less likely to get allergies when they are older. But one good reason you should get a dog is it’s a good way to ensure your family stay safe. After all, the pet is a good deterrent to strangers; they don’t want to come in and face your pooch. And your dog will be protective of your child, so if someone ever got into your home, they wouldn’t be able to get to your child without a bite! Therefore, it’s worth getting a dog to keep your family safe.

And make sure you don’t leave your child’s items on view. Otherwise, it’s highlighting to abductors that a child lives in your property!

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