14 December 2016

Home Improvements To Make When Growing Your Family (And Ways To Afford Them!)

It’s such an exciting time when you find out you are having another baby. After all, you are growing your family which is amazing. And your children can’t wait to have a new sibling to play with. However, it’s always a good idea to update your home when a new baby is coming along. After all, you don’t always have the space for another little one straight away. So you need to free up space, so there is room for the new baby. But you don’t always have the funds to do it, especially with the costs of another child on the way. Therefore, here are some home improvements to make when growing your family, and ways to afford them.

Time to update your kitchen with new appliances
One thing you should consider doing when you find out about your new arrival is to update your kitchen. After all, you might need larger appliances now that you have to deal with an extra mouth that needs feeding. For example, your fridge freezer might just be too small now to fit in all the extra food. And you might require a bigger oven to deal with all your family's cooking needs. As for your washing machine, be prepared for a whole load of washing to contend with. After all, we all know how many baby grows you will have to wash when you have a new baby! Therefore, it might be time to kit out your kitchen with some new appliances. However, they are not cheap. You are looking at around a few hundred pounds per device for a good quality machine. To help you afford them, you should opt to look during the sales. After all, you might get one which has been reduced to half the price. And luckily with the January sales just around the corner, there will be bargains all over for the latest appliances. Also, you should opt for machines which have been on display. As they have been on show in store, you are likely to get them for a reduced rate. And most of the time they have no marks, so nobody will know the difference And remember to look at not so well-known brands when you are in places like Currys. They are often half the price of more common brands!

Consider converting your loft 
If there is no room in your home for an additional baby, it might be wise to consider extending your home. That way, you will have room for a nursery for your child. You could consider an extension if you have permission to extend your property. Or you could think about going for a loft conversion. As well as being ideal for your family now, it’s a great selling point when you do eventually put the home on the market. After all, you are technically going up by one bedroom which is a huge adjustment to your price. However, you could potentially be looking at around £15,000 for a loft conversion. Therefore, it can be hard to fund this cost. You could consider taking some money out of your property to fund this purchase. After all, if you use your equity, you are bound to reap the rewards when you come to sell. Or you could borrow money from family which you can put towards the home improvement.

Refit those carpets
It’s also a wise idea to get those carpets sorted before your new baby arrives. After all, carpets which aren’t fitted correctly could put your youngster, who won’t be looking for hazards, in danger. Therefore, check out which ones need refitted and get an expert out to ensure your flooring is in good condition. Or if you have a friend who is a handyman, you could ask them to help out. You should also make sure the carpets are all clean in your home. Not only will this ensure they stay looking fabulous, but they will also be nice and fresh for your baby’s arrival. To save some money, you could always clean them yourself!

Consider enhancing your bathroom with a new suite
It’s also a wise idea to get your bathroom in shape before the newborn arrives. After all, you want to be able to use the bath to wash your baby without having to worry about potential cracks harming your little one. Therefore, you should consider updating your bathroom with a new suite so that it’s ready for your baby. Of course, updating your bathroom is not the cheapest thing in the world. Therefore, you could consider getting a loan; even with bad credit, there are cashfloat loans available to you. That way, you can put the money towards your suite and just pay it back over time. And with a new suite, you will be all ready for the new addition to your family.

Time to update your master bedroom
Although you will fit out a nursery for your new baby, it will be your bedroom they will spend the most time in. After all, you will want your baby with you for the first few months of their life. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get your bedroom ready for the new arrival. You will want to give it a thorough clean and you ought to update the carpet, so that it’s ready for your newborn. Also, you might want to improve your windows so that no draft is getting into the bedroom. After all, you don’t want your newborn to get a cold in the first few weeks of their life! You don’t need a professional to do it either; you can easily buy some caulking from shops and weatherproof those windows for free!

Secure those stairs with safe railings 
Have you noticed the banisters wobbling on the stairs? Now is an excellent time to get it fixed before the baby arrives. After all, you don’t want to be holding your baby and then the banister breaks which might send you flying. And as this article says, if you haven’t got a banister, now would be an excellent time to install one. After all, it can help you to go upstairs when holding your baby!

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  1. We lived in a bedsit with a sink in the corner when we had out firstborn. Admit it was a large room in a Georgian house, but we ended up getting a small cooker in there too as the shared kitchen was minging and our food got pinched. We were there until he was 11 months as we simply couldn't find anything affordable, but got very creative with using the space! Sounds grim, but we were happy. Pete

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