22 December 2016

Cadbury Reveals Cadvent Knitwear Collection

For years now, Cadbury has been well known for helping families celebrate Christmas with their seasonal ranges of chocolate and goodies. I mean, every year I cannot wait until the Cadbury Heroes tubs are released so I can stuff my face with all their lovely chocolate - and maybe share one or two of them too. 

And now as Christmas draws near, Cadbury announces its first move into festive fashion with the introduction of a chunky knitted scarf and a winter woolly hat. Both in trademark purple Cadbury colour, these must-have accessories come with hidden compartments including a scarf with deep 18cm pockets that can conceal even the most pleasurable of Secret Santa presents

Even the crowning glory of the cute bobble hat has a 5cm brim which is the perfect size to tuck away a much-loved Christmas treat for when you need a little sweetness. The Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman is the optimum size for this. And it's always good to have a little stash hidden away for when the kids are getting restless - to either gorge on yourself or bribe them into happiness!

Steve Rich, Marketing Manager for Mondelez says, “Customers have loved our ‘knitted’ look winter packaging for years, so this Christmas we thought we’d go the extra mile and create a real knitted collection.” And I agree with him, it's such a quirky thing to do and will probably bring some extra smiles this year when you fling over your scarf and find a sneaky bit of chocolate hiding in it. 

The launch of the knitwear comes as Cadbury reveals its 2016 Cadvent campaign. If you haven't seen it so far then you are missing out. Each day, throughout the month of December, a series of children’s wishes for their loved ones come to life. From streets filled with magical Christmas lights to the best ever Christmas cake - Cadbury is spreading the festive joy across the nation this Christmas targeting as many chocolate fans as possible.

If you are a lover of Cadbury chocolate and want to kit yourself out in their statement collection, and get to hide some chocolate all for yourself, then you can get hold of the limited edition items when purchasing any Cadbury Christmas gift hamper from www.cadvent.co.uk or you can purchase the clothing and accessory items on their own from as little as £5!

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