5 December 2016

A Few Creative Ways To Make Your Home More Welcoming

Whether you have guests over regularly or not, it’s a good idea to make your home as welcoming as you can. After all, arriving home to an atmosphere you love is a great feeling! Here are a few creative ways to make your home more welcoming:

Add Character With Architecture
A home that’s full of character is always a welcoming home. See if you can add some character with architecture first. Maybe a crumbling brick wall and wooden ceiling beams could add that something special you need. There are ways of faking it if your home didn’t come with it when you bought. It can really make your home feel cosy and delightful! 

Be True To Your Own Style
Making sure you stay true to your own style is one of the best ways to instantly make your home feel more welcoming and full of personality. Don’t just decorate your home a certain way because you think it’s popular or other people will like it. It needs to feel personal to you. Include colours you really love, patterns, and so on. Make it your own and get as creative as possible! 

Ensure You Encourage Conversation
Make sure the layout of your home encourages conversation. Don’t space your furniture too far apart, and angle everything towards each other so people can take a seat and start nattering straight away. 

Focus On The Outside Of Your Home
The outside of your home can have just as big an impact on the feeling of your home as the inside. Make sure you focus on the outside in anyway you can. Improving your curb appeal is a great way to make your home look more welcoming. This means fixing up your garden, and maybe even painting your door a bright color. A GRP canopy for your door could add interest and finish off the look! 

Don’t Be Afraid To Go OTT With Plants and Texture
Some people say you should decorate in moderation, but you should never be afraid to go OTT with plants and other types of texture. You can add large, interesting looking plants to a room to instantly add life and a certain appeal. Add as many as you like! Don’t forget other forms of texture too, such as layered rugs, throws, and cushions. Really go for it and aim to add as much texture as possible. 

Make Sure It Smells Good 
Your home won’t feel very welcoming if it doesn’t smell good. Some people tend to get ‘nose blind’ when it comes to their own homes. They can’t really tell what the predominant smell is. You’ll be able to tell better if you leave for a day or two and then come back. What’s the first thing you smell? Work on adding incense, candles, and other nice smelling things to make your home smell as good as it looks. 

Hopefully these creative ways to make your home more welcoming give you some great ideas and perk up your space!

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