20 November 2016

Which Is Your Favourite Wildlife Photo?

Being a blogger, I have maybe a few thousand photos sitting in my computer memory just now. That doesn't count the ones in my Dropbox, Cloud storage or my phone. But you will usually find me out snapping something or another. 

Wildlife is something that I'm sure everyone loves looking at. Watching a bird fly towards his nest. Seeing the ducks glide along the river. Or even that cute time where you've caught a squirrel playing on the trampoline. Sometimes we actually manage to snap of photo at that exact time and it's great to look on them and show off the magnificent photo that we've shot.

So when I saw a wildlife competition where you had to share your very favourite photo, I couldn't help but get voting for my favourite one. Rattan Direct have now moved onto the Poll for the wildlife competition and you can vote in the wildlife competition poll here to pick your favourite. 

Out of the above selection (click the link to vote), choose your favourite and submit before the 16th of December 2016. After this, Rattan Direct will announce which image has won through their social media channels and on their blog too.

I don't know about you, but my favourite photo of these is number 5. I love how they've managed to capture a beautiful scene with 2 birds, with a stunning background. I think they've chose the perfect settings on their camera to capture this picture perfectly and the photo is beautiful and bright to make the birds stand out. 

So, make sure to pop along and choose your favourite before it's too late!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I voted for number 1 as I thought it was more unusual, and then saw that I am currently the only person who has voted for this! seems most people are voting using different criteria from me.