23 November 2016

Top Tips To Transform Your Living Room

Your living room is the central hub of your home. It’s likely to be where you do most of your relaxing, and the same can be said for your children. When you lead a hectic lifestyle it’s too easy to allow clutter to build up, and kids aren’t exactly known for their minimalism either. Every once in awhile, it’s important to organise and declutter your living room, and bring it up to date. Here are a few ways you can make a big difference, without a hefty price tag.

Rearrange your furniture
Step back and look at your room and ask yourself - is the furniture laid out in the most efficient way possible? Play around with a few possibilities before settling on a new configuration. It can bring a whole new lease of life to a room.

Treat yourself to something new
That isn’t to say that you should throw away perfectly good items, but if anything is looking a bit worn or tatty, replace it. Buy something hard wearing and good quality, such as Chesterfield sofas, so that you don’t have to replace everything too often. 

Try new storage for toys
As wonderful as kids are, it’s quite incredible just how much stuff they have. It can add significantly to the cluttered feel of your home. Invest in some new ingenious storage solutions to keep toys hidden away, and incentivise your children, so they tidy up after themselves. It can make a whole world of difference.

Strip it all back
Sometimes, less is more. Over time we accumulate ornaments, trophies, cushions, and artwork that fills our living rooms and makes the room look jumbled and disorganised. Bring your living room a new lease of life by putting away anything that doesn’t have to be on display, and just exhibit the beautiful or special things.

Give it a lick of paint
After a while walls lose their sparkle and, especially with kids around, have a tendency to get a bit grubby. Assuming you don’t live in a castle with massive walls, a lick of paint can make the room much brighter and fresher, without costing too much money. 

Add plants
I’m a huge fan of houseplants in any room. They add colour and life, and if you choose the right ones they can make you feel great too. Not only do they bring fresh oxygen to your room, but plants like lavender and aloe vera can help you relax. If your life is quite busy, choose cute little succulents to add colour to your room, but don’t require much in the way of care. Just make sure if you want anything spiny that you keep it out of the way of the kids!

A bright and open living room is a brilliant room for entertaining guests, spending time with your children, or just catching up with Corrie. Try a few of these ideas in your home and enjoy the benefits of a more relaxing space in which you can relax.

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