15 November 2016

Three Ways Your Can Make Your Home A Better Place In One Afternoon

It would be nice to have a home like those ones in the magazines wouldn't it? You know the ones. They have beautiful furniture, immaculate carpets and not a speck of dust in sight. However, back in the real world we are trying to juggle looking after the kids and being a busy wife with everything else we have to do. So it can be almost impossible to live up to such ideals. But all is not lost! 

Maybe it's not practical to have one of those glorious monuments to housekeeping, but there are some things that you can do to improve your home. The best part is they will work even if you have a house full of kids and pets, and they will only take you at most, an afternoon to sort. Read on to find out what they are.

Modernise your bathroom
So if you are thinking: “What is she on about? Getting a new bathroom takes days or week not an afternoon.” Just hold on a minute! We are not talking about an entire new suit here. You can modernise your bathroom in a quicker and simpler way by just replacing the dated fittings.

It will only take you a short time to select some new taps like the ones available at places such as tapwarehouse.com. Then fitting them should be take less than an afternoon. The best thing is you have a bathroom that looks modern and new, without having to replace and repaint the whole thing!

Clear out that cupboard under the stairs
The dreaded cupboard under the stair is calling. It's saying: "Clean me clean me!" Yup, this one can seem like a horrible massive job but the key to getting this sorted is to recruit the whole family into helping.

All you have to do have a set plan before you start. Then you take out an item and decide which of three piles it needs to be place into. The piles should be 'keep, donate, and throw away.' Working at high speed, in 10 minutes bursts and you will have enough time to clear out the cupboard and put the keep pile back in, in an organised way. As well as some other jobs that need doing in between!

The sweet smell of success

Did you know that our sense of smell is one the strongest of all our senses? This means that it has a big effect on how we feel. Use this in the home to your advantage. Pick out scented candles, air fresheners or scent sticks to create a certain mood in each room.

In the bedrooms you can use lavender scents. As this will promote a restful night’s sleep. In the laundry room, how about the smell of fresh cotton to evoke that clean and crisp feeling? In your living room, you might want to go for something richer, like jasmine or sandalwood that will keep things feeling fresh.

The best thing is, it won’t take long at all to find a scent you like and pop it in the room best suited for it.

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