26 November 2016

The Best Ways For Home Owners Improve Their Property Value

Renovating your home can be costly and can get in the way of your daily life. Before doing anything you should always think long and hard about how it will help your houses worth in the future and how much value it will add.

Obviously, if you're doing up the house, the bathroom and kitchen are always going to fare well. Having a nice modern kitchen will appeal to most buyers as it gives the impression of someone who has taken care of the house. They will be the rooms that tend to cost the most to do though. 

And when it comes to renovating, I believe that you always need to look to the future and what will happen. I mean, I nice pond might look nice now, but will not necessarily appeal to a family with children and might put them off buying.  

Balustrade Components has recently produced an infographic which explains ways that home owners can increase their property value and it covers the below areas:-

• Which rooms should you renovate in your home to get the highest ROI?
• Why is it important to renovate your staircase 
• Which rooms do people renovate the most 
• What is the average cost of replacing a staircase 
• Which specific garden renovation will increase your properties value the most?
• Which part of your home is the most expensive to renovate?
• Which is the cheapest part of your home to renovate but provides the most substantial ROI?
• Overall summary of the best ways to increase property value


  1. Perfect tips thanks -got some work to do but will be worth it

  2. Thanks for an informative article.Our priority is to change our old gas boiler.

  3. Great tips. The infographics make is a lot easier to follow than some other guides! Thanks!

  4. Great read and full of infortmation