14 November 2016

Surviving Christmas Shopping With Little Ones - And Enjoying It

Christmas is a magical time for little ones. There are all the firsts to look forward to. The first trip to see Santa, the first Christmas morning, etc. It’s a treat for all the senses with Christmas music, delicious food, and festive fragrances. And there are so many new things for little eyes and fingers to see and explore. It’s a magical time for mums and dads too as they get to experience Christmas through their children’s eyes. But there’s no getting away from it; it can also be a stressful time. How do you plan and organise a beautiful Christmas with little ones, and minimise the stress?
Begin Early
The horse may already have bolted on this one. But, the earlier you begin your preparations, the easier they will be. Christmas shopping can be hellish. There comes a point in the process when you’re laden with bags, you’re exhausted, and you still have items on your list. Avoid this situation wherever possible. Plan a few shopping trips rather than one big one. If you can take time off work, shop early in the morning during the week. This will help you avoid the worst of the crowds. Don’t battle the crowds with the buggy. Get a friend or family member to watch the kids so you can focus on the shopping. 

Thinking Time
I always find that the thing that takes up the time is deciding what to buy. Rather than dashing off to the shops and thinking on the move, spend time in advance doing this. Make the process as stress-free as possible by putting on some Christmas music, making a cup of tea and sitting with your laptop. Make a list of everyone you have to buy for and set a budget. Then go through the lists person by person and look for ideas and inspiration. Once you have decided what to buy and where to get it from, the process is much easier. 

Shop Online
If shopping is your idea of hell, then you will want to avoid that mad dash at all costs. Buy as much as you can online. You’ll need to ensure you’re around for the deliveries or arrange to click and collect. Save on delivery charges by shopping early and avoiding next day deliveries charges. Start as soon as possible and buy today

It’s not just presents that can be bought online. Much of your Christmas food shop can be ordered and delivered directly to your door. So you can avoid the parking hell and Christmas crowds. You can then rely on small shops for last minute items, fresh produce, and the treats. 

Buy Wrap Early
Before you begin your Christmas shopping, buy your wrapping paper and tags. This will allow you to wrap as you buy your gifts. You can complete it bit by bit rather than losing a full day to the process. 

Try to schedule your preparations and intersperse them with things you enjoy. Plan evenings where you can do nothing and unwind. Go to carol concerts, visit the ice rink and go to Christmas fairs. But go for the enjoyment, rather than to shop. 

Christmas can be stressful; there’s no getting away from that. But there are lots of things you can do to reduce the stress and increase your enjoyment. It all gets done in the end. Plan a little, get help, spread it out and then enjoy on the magic.


  1. I always try to be organised
    With your tips i might make it this year

  2. Some great tips. So true it is stressful but we love it

  3. I try get most things online or do click and collect. I hate shopping