29 November 2016

Staying On Top After Having A Baby

Have you just given birth and unsure what to do next? You've carried this baby inside of you for 9 months and done everything humanly possible to keep it safe and happy. But now he or she is here, in the real world, crying...

Don't worry; you'll be on top of things in no time

After you've had your baby, you are not going to want to leave their side. Giving birth is such an intimate moment between a Mother and a child, no words can explain it until it happens to you. You've carried this tiny human inside of you for 9 months, you've grown with it, (literally). And now they're here, just like magic!
The moment you take your child into your arms, you realise that all that pain was worth it. - You're a Mummy!

It is crucial you get your rest after giving birth. You will be feeling both physically and mentally exhausted. It helps to have someone stay with you for the first few days, whether that's your other half, a friend or a member of the family. You will be feeling sore and may not be able to move around as much as you'd like to, so having an extra pair of hands is an excellent idea.

You will also want a good bed! Being pregnant and then having a baby is probably the best excuse to go to the bed shop and choose your dream bed. You will want your comfort, and starting in your bedroom is the best way, especially if you are slightly immobilized from the birth.

Breastfeeding vs. Formula War
This is something that Mothers will mentally hurt themselves over. We are told as women that we should breastfeed because it's good for the baby; it's natural, its human nature, etc. True, it's good for the baby, but some women just can't! Their body isn't making enough milk. The baby is rejecting it, or it just plain hurts!

If this is happening to you - Do NOT think you are not able to give your baby what they need! It doesn't always work - that's it.

After giving birth, you have already been through a lot, and this issue can really affect some women to the point of postnatal depression. For all the Mothers out there, you need to know that formula is great too! Your baby isn't going to get ill or have problems in the future just because you didn't breastfeed them.

If you are going through this, there are people to talk to. Don't let it affect you more than it should. It's not the end of the world - I promise.

Parent and baby classes
A lot of new Mothers go through a phase of feeling trapped and isolation. This is completely normal! One way to help with this is finding some baby classes in your area. It’s a place that you go with your new baby and meet other new Mums; you can share your stories and get advice, and your babies get to socialise with one another too which is important.

Going to things like this gets you out of the house, in a new environment, new people to talk to, and who knows, you might even gain some genuine friends out of it!


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