19 November 2016

Play Your Way Through The Reality Shows

I don't know about you, but I sometimes watching reality shows with one eye on the screen and the other rolling through Twitter to see how many complaints there are this year. 

A lot of it gets very samey, and as soon as a woman takes a shower in I'm a Celeb or a dancer gets a perfect 10 in Strictly, everyone comes out in force to give their opinion on what they're watching. 

Sometimes people even tweet if they're not watching it and are just following what's happening through social media. Let's take X-Factor and the whole Honey G drama for instance. The amount of people that I see moaning about her still being in the competition, yet then say how they don't watch the show. Why does it matter so much to you then?

For me though, I do get a bit sick of the constant boring-ness of reality television. There's always someone being nasty for the sake of getting all the limelight, someone fake tanned to the hilt, someone walking out, and back in, and then back out again. 

So, when I came across these bingo cards, I couldn't help but laugh at how they've captured everything that probably will happen during the series of I'm A Celebrity and Strictly Come Dancing. 

Now those bingo cards are clickable so you can make them bigger to join in yourself. I'm quite liking watching the reality shows now to see how many I can spot and mark off. My husband came up with idea of drinking a shot whenever any of them happens but at that rate I'd be drunk by the first adverts. 

I think it's a fun and novel way at passing time through watching the shows though and when finished, you can play more bingo at Paddy Power.

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