22 November 2016

Messy Goes To Okido | Large Talking Messy Monster

With Christmas just around the corner, I try to focus on what my children love so that I have an idea of what they might like for Christmas. Television shows and cartoons help with this and children just love the characters from these shows.

The one that is a favourite for J at the moment is Messy goes to Okido. Airing weekdays on CBeebies, Messy goes to Okido, created by Doodle Productions, brings science to life through the incredible adventures of a curious, lovable blue monster called Messy.

He lives in the real world and when he wants an answer to a question he visits the land of Okido with his best friends Felix and Zoe to find out more. Aimed at children 2-5 years old, the show features stories, comedy, adventure and J just loves watching it.

So when I saw that they had a new toy range to go alongside the television show, I just knew that it was something that J would love. 

For more than 35 years, Golden Bear Products has earned the reputation of producing high-quality, safe and reliable children's toys that please parents and brings inspiration to children. Specialising in plush, plastic and own-brand development, Golden Bear has grown to include some great brands, Messy Goes To Okido being one of them.

The Large Talking Messy Monster is an ideal toy for younger children this Christmas. This soft toy measures 24cm and features Messy’s favourite phrase 'Balabalaboomboom' along with many more fun sounds from the TV show!

The Large Talking Messy Monster is made from a mixture of soft and furry fabrics and features cute embroidered facial features so is suitable for children from birth. J has played with Messy none stop and loves that he can press his tummy to hear him talk. I also like that because he's a soft toy, J can fall asleep cuddling him. He is now a firm favourite in this household. 


  1. Hes do cute
    My nephew would adore him

  2. What an adorable pair! Those curls are the cutest!

  3. That's so cute! It looks like a perfect size.