21 November 2016

How To Make The Most Of Your Mobile Photos

Having 3 children, I am always snapping photographs of them whilst out and about. It's not often I actually have my camera on me though so I opt for the next best thing, my phone. Luckily, phones nowadays are a lot better quality than they used to be and that means that i can get some great shots from the comfort of my phone. I can just point and shoot.

I usually always post these photos to social media as a way that family members can see them easily for updates of our children and it's a great way to store photos. But I like the real thing too. Proper photograph that you can hold in your hands and finger through to look at old memories, fun memories.

Bonusprint, which has been around since 1979, has a heritage of printing happy family snaps and they want to encourage people to take and capture photos that they are ‘Proud to Print’ out, rather than simply being uploaded onto social media and lost in the digital space.

They have compiled some tips on how to make the most of our mobile photos as their research shows 63% of Brits wish they printed more photos, and 65% of Brits admit to editing themselves in holiday snaps. Some of their tips include:

Ditch the Flash – smartphone cameras are overly bright so ditch the flash when you can
Crop, don't zoom – you lose quality by zooming too much
Get close – the nearer you are the more control you have over the lighting
Wait for the Golden Hour –  the first and last hour of sunlight will bathe your photos in a soft, glowing golden light

You can view more tips in their downloadable guide to see how you can create photographs that you are proud to print yourself.

As my photos arrived, I was filled with so much happiness as I looked through them and remembered places we had been, things we had seen, faces we have pulled. It means, that in this digital world where there's just that one click and everything could be gone, we've still got these memories in these photos that we can always look back on.