21 November 2016

Home Improvements That Are Worth Saving Up For

When you own a home, it can be such an exciting thing. You might have grand plans to redesign the home, to make it just as you like it. But what should you get done first? That is a question that you’ll need to ask yourself. Then you need to think about how to finance it. But as well as a mortgage and the cost of day to day life, some renovations might be put on hold. You might need to put something aside each month to pay for it. But that it fine, as there are plenty of things that are worth saving up for. So here are a few home improvements, that will be worth the wait.

Kitchen Remodel
If the kitchen is in a bit of a state, then changing the whole thing could be on the cards. But when you add up the cost of replacing all tiles, units, and appliances, it can end up being a massive amount. A whole kitchen remodel could cost you thousands of pounds. The thing is that you might not necessarily get all of that back when you value your home and sell up. If selling in the near future isn’t on the cards, then just get your home to how you like it. But it could be worth looking at just doing a minor remodel. You could replace some unit doors, for instance. You could paint over tiles, rather than replace. You could also just replace appliances as and when. A minor remodel has shown to give you more value for money, especially when it comes to resale. So you could just look at sorting out the kitchen to make it more stylish and practical. It is easy to see why IKEA kitchens are growing in popularity. They offer affordable changes but at a much more affordable price.

Depending on the type of home that you will have, will depend on what work is needed on the exterior. If you have a home that has been plaster finished, then getting holes or cracks sealed is important for the curb appeal of the home. Things like a brand new driveway don’t necessarily add value. So they might be well to be lower down on your improvements list. Looking at the garden is a worthwhile investment, though. Depending on what you do to it, it can add value. For instance, if you have a decking area, for example, it will add such appeal to potential buyers. When there is an area to sit, in the garden, that isn’t just lawn, it makes a big difference. So you could look at getting some new decking, improving a patio or looking at outdoor railing systems. Making a few changes in your garden can be really worth it.

Window Replacement
Windows are a big deal in the home. They are a way to control the temperature and making the home more energy efficient. They can make or break how a home looks from the outside, as well as the inside. So if your windows are looking a little tired, it could be time to replace them. New windows will mean a warmer and more energy efficient home for you while you live there. Plus, they add instant curb appeal and improved energy ratings, should you decide to sell up. You can get pretty much all of your money back on them, in terms of the value they add. So they are another improvement that would totally be worth the money.

Loft Insulation
Having a home that is energy efficient is a big deal these days. It means that it stays warmer for longer, meaning reduced energy bills. Which is good for your pocket, as well as the environment. Another way to improve how efficient your home is by getting loft insulation. It also means that it will keep your home cool in summer, as well as keeping it warm in winter. So it is winning either way. This is one of the home improvements that isn’t even that expensive to do. There are lots of government schemes that might even mean that you can get free or discounted loft insulation. So that is something to look into for sure. Even if you don’t qualify, it is worth getting done. You get more than your money back when you look at it in terms of an investment.

Have you got any home improvements planned for the coming year? Let me know in the comments.


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