30 November 2016

Gizmo the Pug Saves Christmas

Christmas adverts are a big thing nowadays. We always watch for the new adverts arriving and seeing what theme they've chose to go for each year. Following on from A Pug’s Christmas last year, Vision Direct's new advert builds on the themes of fun, surprise and warmth that were well received by its audience last year, continuing with the Pug theme. 

Vision Direct, the UK’s largest online only retailer of contact lenses, glasses and eye care, is excited to release its Christmas advert for 2016. Gizmo Saves Christmas plays on the familiar theme of festive neighbourhood rivalry as well as the age old dog vs. cat debate.

The advert features Vision Direct's brand mascot, Mr Gizmo the pug, as well as their very new character, Cuddles the cat. Following on from last years extremely successful Vision Direct Christmas ad, this advert shows the festive rivalry between Mr Gizmo and Cuddles. 

When Cuddles goes too far in trying to outdo Mr Gizmo on the Christmas decorations from, Mr Gizmo has to save the day when it all goes to pot. Check out the fun new advert here to see if it all ends well...

I love this new take on their very funky Pug, showing that even the most fiercest of rivals can always help each other at Christmas. And that is exactly what Christmas is all about isn't it really. Bringing people (and animals!) together.

And don't forget to check out Vision Direct's website for competitions, fun and games as part of their festive countdown advent calendar this year. I'm hoping for Gizmo the Pug and Cuddles plushies so I can re-enact the whole saga myself!