25 November 2016

Dressing Your Home For Sale: Essential Dos and Donts

When it comes to our homes, there are certain things that we want to take as read. When we move in, we hope that we will live there for some time. We hope that the home will keep us safe and warm for the duration of our residence there. We hope, when we come to move, that we will get more for selling it than we spent buying it. This last one is, of course, subject to market forces. But it is a hope we retain anyway.

If you're planning on selling your home, you need to be approaching the sale with the right attitude in mind. The first and most important thing is getting the house sold at an agreeable price, allowing you to find the best place to move to.
Nearly as important is selling it in a timely fashion. Put as simply as possible, when you're selling a house, you're stuck with it. You want to make it attractive to buyers, so you're conscious of living too much in it. You're already mentally readying yourself not to live there anymore.

Do: Make The House Stand Out 
On top of the obvious stress of planning a move, then, you've got the strain of knowing that you need to present the perfect house. You want buyers who come through the door to decide they really want this house. They want it enough to put in an offer immediately, and enough to pay your asking price

Don’t: Leave Renovation Work Undone Before Listing

To make that happen, you have to make it as attractive as possible. But the key here is to do any major renovation work before you list the home for sale. If you want to move it quickly, you'll need it to be a great house when people visit. People don't pay top dollar for potential.

Do: Prepare To Live A Double Life
To some extent, this means you'll spend a period living in someone else's dream home. It's impossible to keep the home in this state at all times, so when it comes to arranging viewings or open house visits, you need to push the boat out.

Don’t: Let It Look Like You’ve Been Caught Off Guard
The first thing that has to happen is an all-round tidy. Chances are, you've just woken, fed and sent out multiple kids and an adult for the day. This means plates, bowls, cups and beds have all been used and now need to be put back to rights. Make the beds, as plush as possible, and then dress the table. High quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth or similar are useful here.

Do: Remind Buyers It’s A Family Home

A good idea is also to show some sign that, although clean and tidy, this is a working home. Once you've hoovered and dusted, it's worth arranging a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. Use ripe, colourful fruit - it's visually arresting while also being something people eat. Something families eat. This creates a connection in people's minds that means they can see their family living here.

Don’t: Go Overboard On Selling To A Particular Buyer
It’s easy to fall into the trap of making your home perfect for a buyer. If they mention at some point during the visit that they’d buy the house if it had a certain feature, strike a deal. If they’ll commit to buying, you’ll commit to that improvement. Making it, before any deal is struck, could leave you in the situation where you are out of pocket and they still go elsewhere. Meanwhile, a possible future buyer may be put off by that same modification.

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