26 November 2016

Create a Spa-Like Bathroom For Incredible Winter Pamper Sessions!

In winter there’s only one thing better than going out and having fun in the snow, and that’s coming home again and getting warm! As magical as it is watching the snowflakes fall, building a snowman with the kids or having a family snowball fight, there’s simply nothing better than getting into a hot bath to warm your bones afterwards. Relaxing pamper sessions are one of the best things about winter. You can light your festive scented candles, pop in a bath bomb or some luxury bath oil and treat your skin to a face mask. Absolute bliss! However, if your bathroom has seen better days, then it does take the shine off the experience a bit. Here are some of the ways you can improve the space, and create a more spa-like sanctuary to enjoy hot baths over the winter and beyond. 
Deep Clean
Bathrooms can get grubby quickly. From piles of product in the corner of the tub, to empty toilet roll holders being left, to general grime from people bathing and washing. In many cases, giving your bathroom an intense deep clean can make the space look a whole lot better. This includes cleaning the windows, finding decent storage for all of the products and freshening up the grout between tiles. 

Finish Up The Odd Jobs
It could be a wobbly toilet seat, a broken toilet roll holder or a blocked drain. But getting these irritating jobs completed and out of the way will make the bathroom much more functional, and nicer to use. When you’re probably having guests over a lot over Christmas, you don’t want the embarrassment of a dodgy bathroom, so tackling these jobs as soon as possible is advisable!

If your bathroom is completely tiled, then there’s not much you can do about redecorating, without completely ripping them out and installing new ones. But if your space is half tiled, repainting the top half can give it a new lease of life. Choose a light and bright colour which will help to open up the space in a small room like the bathroom. This could also mean changing up the floor covering which will make everything feel much more luxurious and spa-like. If you’re currently dealing with warped laminates, peeling vinyl or the sin of all sins- bathroom carpet- then it’s time to make a change! Maybe it’s not been done in a long time, or it’s something you inherited from the previous homeowners. Either way, replacing with something easy to clean and hardwearing is your best bet.

Replace The Shower Curtain
Shower curtains have a tendency to go mouldy over time. They’re also easy to accidently pull down, and all in all, they’re functional but not very pretty. Replacing yours with a glass shower screen could be a good option. It will look so much more sleek and modern.

Add Luxurious Accessories
Finally, you can add a touch of luxury to the bathroom simply by changing your accessories. A gorgeous soft bath mat to the floor will make stepping out of the bath a dream. Big cosy towels to wrap up in and get dry, and some elegant decorative pieces to bring some personality to the room. 

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