10 November 2016

Bedtime Routines - Putting To Bed The Sleep Myths

Our biggest nightmare over the years has been getting the boys to settle at night when it's still light outside. Couple this with the fact that they have a large window in their room which shines daylight bright both morning and night, it means that sometimes, they will be awake for hours struggling to sleep when the light is peering through. 

Getting in to a good bedtime routine is hard enough as it is without adding this to the situation. The bedtime routine can be a nightmare and Blinds-Hut are looking to find out exactly which techniques work when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep for mum and children.


They carried out a survey with 2,000 parents to find the top techniques and now they are wanting to see first-hand if they really work. Here are the tried, tested and successful techniques from the survey results:

1.            Bedtime stories (61%)
2.            Strict routine (56%)
3.            Black out blinds (50%)
4.            Technology black out (40%)
5.            Night light (37%)

Given the fact that our problem has been not getting enough darkness into the boys room, we opted to try out blackout blinds and show how they worked for us. 

After installing them, I took the boys to bed at the usual time, reading their favourite book - Before I Wake Up by Britta Techentrup - before they tried to drift off. 

Straight away you could see the difference in their room as the blackout blind covered all visible light from view and gave them a dark space to relax in. 

I've found that the boys are going to sleep quicker as well as staying in bed more in the morning too. It has also helped in keeping their room at a good temperature to aid comfort. I'm so glad that we've now found a way to help them drift off to sleep and get them in to a good routine at bedtime. 


  1. My daughter youngest takes ages to settle, she would rather sleep in our bed than hers

  2. A routine is so important to sleep hygiene for both children and adults