1 November 2016

Add These Mum Must-Haves To Your Checklist When Looking For A New Family Home

When you decide to move house, you normally have a list of things you need from the new property. For example, you might be on the lookout for something which has three bedrooms and a large garden. But as a mum, there are some things you need to add to the list to make sure the home is perfect for you! Here are some mum must-haves you need to add to your checklist when looking for a new family home!

A good sized kitchen 
As you know, when you are a mum, you tend to spend hours in the kitchen. After all, you are always making meals for your family, and then cleaning up to make the kitchen ready to go the next day! Therefore, one of the most important things you need from your new house is a good sized kitchen. You want one which has plenty of space for you to cook up some fantastic meals for your family. You need to also make sure you choose a home which has a new kitchen. After all, new appliances such as a self-clean oven will save you ages having to clean the kitchen! Therefore, make sure the kitchen is in good condition before you make an offer on a home. 

An en-suite to the master bedroom 
You will know how messy the main bathroom can get when you have children. After all, you have dozens of toiletries and toys in there which belong to the kids. And you don’t get a chance to use the bathroom if you have a couple of kids! It can mean that you and your other half end up being late for work as you are waiting for your children to use the bathroom. Therefore, when you are looking for a new house, you need to make sure there is an en-suite to the master bedroom. That way, you and your other half can have your own bathroom to get ready in the morning. You can keep all your products in there so that nothing ends up getting lost. You can also make it more contemporary than the main bathroom by adding in luxurious extras such as dilusso shower enclosures for your use!

A conservatory for chill out time
It can be hard to find any time on your own when you have kids. All mums long for a bit of ‘me time’ where they can chill out with a good book. Therefore, when you are looking for a new property, you want to choose a home with a conservatory. The extra room is perfect for creating a cosy haven where you can chill out away from the kids! You could even use the room to do some yoga or meditation to help reduce stress. It will be lovely to have a room which belongs just to you!

And remember that you need to visit the house at different times of the day to ensure it’s the right one for you. As this feature explains, visit at night so that you can see if there are any noisy neighbours around! It will save you making a mistake with the house when you move in and discover there are badly behaved teenagers next door!

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  1. The kitchen is always what i look for when finding a new home