15 October 2016

Whacky Penthouse Wooden Playhouse from Big Game Hunters

A couple of weeks ago we started getting our garden sorted. It's something that we've wanted to do for ages but with the cost of a new fence being astronomical, we didn't want to create our beautiful new garden when it wasn't totally private. 

Eventually we were able to get our fence put up and so had all this space, to create whatever we waned to. Having the fence seemed to give us the look of so much more space and we were struggling to come up with ideas, especially at the end of the garden where we wanted something to focus the eye on.

That's when the Big Game Hunters Playhouse Shop got in touch and gave us the best idea we could have ever thought of - having a wooden playhouse down there at the bottom of the garden. We got to looking around their site and the look of the beautiful playhouses made my heart flutter. They were the type that I could only dream of when I was a child.

After much deliberation and many changes of mind, we stuck at our favourite and couldn't wait for it to arrive so we could get it all together and surprise the boys with it. Even when it was delivered we didn't tell them what were in the 7 massive boxes and spend the day whilst they were at school building it up. This was going to be the best surprise yet for them.

The playhouse we picked out was the Whacky Penthouse Wooden Playhouse which is a very large multi-level playhouse. Included in this playhouse are steps to climb up onto the platform and a slide to get back down again. 

Not only that but it also includes a vintage-inspired letter box, 2 flower boxes under the windows, a charming chalkboard name plaque and even a chimney on the roof to give it that country cottage look. 

Made with premium Fir wood and treated with a colourful hardwearing wood stain, this beautiful playhouse is designed to last, providing many years of creative play. And at nearly 8 foot tall and 8 foot wide, it gives loads of space for all that imaginative play. 

Offering super simple assembly, the panels come complete with the windows and door already fitted, so you simply need to use the pre-drilled holes and clearly labelled screws to secure the panels together. 

My husband put it together with his friend and the easy-to-follow instruction leaflet made it a doddle to do, taking just over an hour in total. The bulk of the time spent putting the base together and then all the extra bits such as the chimney and flower pots.

The large internal space (157 x 94cm) will facilitate children as they grow, providing an exciting and long lasting garden home and the perspex windows bring in loads of light too. Made with solid wood that is of extremely great quality and produced to a high standard.

After all that building and sorting, it was done. And it was time to go and pick the boys up from school. I walked up their with such a skip in my step as I knew that they would be over the moon when they got home to see their big surprise.

Chuckling like a naughty school girl, I picked them up and as we walked through the gate, the kids faces lit as as they realised that this Whacky Penthouse Playhouse was all for them. They cheered and laughed and smiled from ear to ear whilst looking around it and seeing everything that it had to offer. They were ecstatic!

They invited all their friends around for a look inside, as if they were showing off their new home, they loved the fact that they had their own space to play in whilst outdoors and their friends loved the new house that they could play in with them.

For T his main love was the fact that it is off the ground. He proclaimed that it is now like his military base and he could hide underneath it whilst fighting bad guys (ever the superhero this kid!). Running round with his finger-gun he fought off the evils in his imaginary world whilst gliding up the stairs and skimming down the slide.

When it comes to C, he's much more of a home-bird. He liked the fact that he could play outdoors without the wind hitting him (his anxiety makes him scared of many of our weather conditions). He could read inside the house, and the little twinkly lights we fitted inside made for a beautiful sensory experience too.

J on the other hand, was smitten. Even when the other boys were inside the house or playing in the garden, J just wanted to be in the playhouse. The slide was like his new best friend. Running round like a headless chicken to try and get all the footballs to fly down the slide.

I actually can't believe that the boys would love something so much. They have used the playhouse everyday. Whether it be for playing in, sliding down, reading in or even hiding from the rain in, it has been much loved and something that they will continue to cherish over the coming months and even years.

We just need to create some more adventures now and see how using the playhouse can help along the way. Now I can't wait for it to snow as I bet it will even more stunning with snowflakes adorning it!

Check out our vlog of the Whacky Penthouse Wooden Playhouse to see how we got it built and all the things the kids have got up to in it...


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  16. Oh id love yhid beauty in my garden we'd have loads of fun