26 October 2016

How To Create A Spooktacular Halloween

Every year I say this, but Halloween is my favourite time of the year. When children really do get to be kids and dress up in silly costume and get to feast on sweets and goodies. A night where I get to spruce the house up to make it look super scary and horrifyingly haunted.

I just love it. I love the kids that come Trick or Treating and seeing all the terrifying costumes they are wearing, the candles that brightening up the night, I just love it all. Well apart from those clowns that is!

So I wanted to show off what is available this year to make Halloween the most spookiest yet...

Get Apple Bobbing

Okay, to start off with is probably the most played game during Halloween. Apple Bobbing. This is the game whereby you have to try and get an apple out of a pale of water, using only your mouth. 

The boys adore playing this and so PinKids sent us out one of their Apple Bobbing kids so they could give it a go. PinKids are cute apples have been specially selected from the Pink Lady harvest for their slightly smaller size, making them suitable for smaller mouths and perfect for bobbing with. 

With little aprons to protect their clothes and some goggles to protect eyes, the kids loved bobbing and both collected their own, without using their hands, and got to snack on them afterwards. 

Baking Halloween Themed Goods
Now if baking is your thing then look no further than Lékué who have a spooky but cute range of Halloween themed moulds for baking with. 

The Pumpkin 3D Mould is probably the best one I have ever seen. You can make a whole pumpkin out of sponge cake for Halloween.

It is a silicone mould that connects together to make the full shape of a real pumpkin, except this one wont contain a candle. Instead there is a little gap down the middle to hide sweets in, perfect for little ones. 

Once the pumpkin cake is made, decorate so it looks like a real Halloween pumpkin but sweet. What's more, you can create your very own pumpkin flavoured cake with the help of Lékué as this mould comes with a recipe too. 

Then we come to the Halloween Mould which gives you the chance to bake 6 Halloween figures. With bat, pumpkin, ghost and skull shapes, you can create sweet or savoury items to create the most terrifying food for guests.

Creating A Terrifying Home
Decorating the house is my favourite thing to do. I think I may go a little overboard but to be honest, is it really Halloween if you haven't scared at least half a dozen people? I don't think so. So I make the most of this day and try to terrify as many as possible. 

To get us in the mood, Wilko sent us a whole box full of decorations to get the party started. The Animated Talking Plaque is just horrifying. At first this plaque looks like a spooky decoration that's hung on your wall but it soon takes a sinister turn. Motion activated, the eyes will light up on this Animated Talking Plaque when guests walk past and it'll say 4 fiendish phrases that will make them wish they'd never come! 

The Buried Alive Skeleton is a frightful addition to the garden. The stakes secure him to the ground, making it look like he's clawing his way out of the ground whilst the Gigantic Hairy Spider is 50" when stretched out and is sure to scare off those pesky kids!

I think the Big Mouth Treat Bowl is amazing and cannot wait to use it on unsuspecting trick or treaters this year. This ghoulish character is perfect for placing sweets in but watch as guests jump with fright as the spider drops down when they reach inside its mouth! 

They also stock a huge range of decor items that are priced at only £1. The bloody handy attaches to windows and hints to the horrors inside. The spiders webs come in a variety of colours to suit your needs and I love the little hanging decorations.

Then we come to Hobbycraft who not only stock all your crafty needs, but a range of Halloween themed decorations too. I love lighting and creating a space full of different lights and so the range they stock was perfect for this.

To create a haunted theme, the small Black LED Lantern works wonders. Just pop in 3 AAA batteries and the light will flicker like a candle and give off a warm glow. It works perfectly when stood next to the black balloon weight. I didn't actually use this for balloons, instead using it as a decoration in it's own right as when it's stood next to the lantern it looks super spooky and glitters the light around the room. 

Wood is definitely a theme of spookiness at Halloween (just think of those haunted trees!) and so the Wooden Halloween Boo Sign doesn't look like it would be out of place in a haunted house. At about 26cm wide, I think it makes a lovely decoration but you could also paint it up and create your very own design. 

Pumpkins are the best way to give a bit of spookiness in the home and what better way than with these Pumpkin Candle Holders. Simply pop an LED candle inside to make it flicker eerily throughout the night. Hobbycraft even sell a pack of LED candles so you don't have to use real ones yet they look just like the real thing. 

And if crafting is your thing then look no further than the Paper Mache Pumpkin which is full sized and when painted using the Halloween paints, looks eerily lifelike, without having to dig out a real pumpkin. Not only that but it gives the kids something to do too and will last for years.  

If you do want some candles though, Yankee Candle has a full range of Halloween scented candles. Witches' Brew has the spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli that casts a captivating spell. In a black jar with spiderwebs on it, it makes a great scented candle for Halloween. 

Trick or Treaters Sweet Treats
Now there's nothing better than going trick or treating and then getting home to empty out your loot bag to see what goodies you've got. This year Sweet Champions have brought out their Halloween treats again and offer 2 different bags packed full with sweets and lollies, perfect for kids. 

With all the flavours from our childhood, children can munch down on Dip Dab, Black Jack, Fruit Salad and Refresher flavours lollies as well as Wham chews. And us adults can pinch a few whilst giving them out too. They even sent us some retro toys and a Skull glass bottle to get us in the mood!

A Tipple For The Adults
Now, after all that decorating, that handing sweets out and taking your own children trick or treating, us adults deserve our very own treat and 31Dover.com have just the thing for us. Ghost Vodka is an ultra premium British Vodka, distilled in a haunted salt depot in Cambridge.

Packed with flavour, Ghost Vodka tastes bright, smooth and warm. There's a touch of spice and a long, smooth finish with unusual and very pleasant flavours of fennel, leather, caramel and vanilla. What makes it so much better is the bottle it comes in. With an aluminium skull label, it is striking and looks like it should be in a potion shop. 

So if you're going all out for Halloween this year, make sure you check out these sites for some inspiration. And don't forget, have fun... and don't be too scared!


  1. some really cool Halloween ideas here - thank-you

  2. I really love looking at all of the Halloween things in the shops, I'm a bit of an old Goth, so to me, this is like some other women looking at accessories!

  3. Some fab looking halloween bits here, hope the boys and u all have a fab halloowen