2 October 2016

Getting Out and Exploring the Garden

When bringing up boys, I'm always aware of the stereotypes that they face during their life. Even as children they get told that they must love cars and hate anything pink for fear of being labelled as different, or wrong. 

I hate this. And although they do play with cars, they do love their dolls too and playing house, and cooking as well. There is no law that states that boys must be boisterous and girls must be princesses so I think that as long as the children are happy, I don't care what they want to play with. It usually ends up being boxes anyway! 

One thing we have learnt this year, is that C has a love of growing things. We started out earlier in the year when we decided to plant some veggies to see whether we could make our own. And it worked. After a couple of month we had some lovely sugar snap peas which didn't last long once the boys found them. 

We did try baby carrots too but they didn't grow as well. I think it may have been a case of over-watering that culled them in the end. 

But now we wanted to try something else. Growing plants. This seems like a harder job than before as the veggies were more hard wearing and could endure constant fondling by 3 inquisitive boys. But plants can be more delicate.  

We were up to the challenge though and C loved being able to plant his very own seeds and then watching them grow too. 

Early this year, we were invited to be GORE-TEX Big Day Ambassadors and have been sent a pair of shoes for each of the boys so they can wear them whilst trying out their 'firsts' and write about them along the way so this seemed like a perfect time to try them out. 

Armed with his pair of GORE-TEX Superfit Sport GTX shoes, C was ready to tackle the gardening on show just what he can grow along the way. And thanks to the integrated Extended Comfort product technology, these super stylish trainers are very comfy and provide excellent support and comfort, perfect for getting out in the garden. 

Gently placing the compost into the pots, C loved that he could measure out how much he needed in each pot and levelled each one off ready for the seeds. 

We picked up a pack and read the back so we knew exactly how they should be planted. These ones were easy. Just push them into the compost, about an inch away from each other, making sure that they are covered over by the compost afterwards. 

Watering them slightly, we then placed them in a nice spot in the garden where they'd benefit for the full sun and hopefully that would help them flourish. 

And that did indeed. After a couple of weeks, C was delighted to see that he had a whole bunch of little plants that he had grown. Now we just need to figure out what we can grown next. Flowers might be a good one and then we'll get to see the bees and butterflies too. 

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  1. How lovely that he loves to grow things! And love his Gore-Tex shoes!