29 October 2016

Getting Christmas Ready with Zeek

Buying for Christmas is one of my favourite things to do. I just love Christmas. I love shopping, wrapping presents and then giving them out and seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they see what they've got. 

It can get expensive though and so I try to look around as much as possible to get the best deal. Buying gift cards can be good too as it means that I always have money to spend at a certain store without the actual money burning a hole in my pocket.

That's why I love Zeek. Zeek is a marketplace where you can sell and buy vouchers for many different stores and all have a discount of some sort. This meant that I was able to get a £50 Argos voucher with a 5% discount, for only £47.50. 

Not only that but you get cashback when you spend as well and so I ended up with some credit still left in my account for if I ever wanted to buy another gift card at all. 

There are many stores that you can buy from. From Starbucks and Tesco to Next and Debenhams. You can even get iTunes gift cards and takeaways from Hungry House. All with discounts from the face-value of the actual card. 

After waiting a couple of days for the gift card to arrive (some are actual gift cards whereas others are codes which can be used online) I popped along to Argos and spent the voucher that I'd been sent. 

It made me super happy to know that I had been ab;e to buy all of the toys, to put away for Christmas, with a gift card that I had saved money on. Not only that but I now had £4 left in my Zeek account so when they released another code for their spooktacular deals, I was able to purchase another voucher for Argos, a £10 one for only an extra £1 in money. 

And there's more, sign up with them at the moment and use the code 2JAL8VGA on your first order (before putting any other codes in) and you'll get an extra £5 to spend on their site. How amazing is that!


  1. Sounds amazing might give this a go thanks for the introduction

  2. I think this is such a fab idea especially for Christmas time

  3. oh i love to save money where I can so this is a great idea

  4. This Zeek, website sounds really good.