30 October 2016

Do Mobiles Have A Negative Effect On Our Children?

We live in a modern era whereby everything is online now. I mean, when I look back to when I was a teenager, there was no way that I could contemplate that I would be working as an online writer when I was older. 

The majority of what we do each day can be done online, from paying bills and playing games, to writing and socialising. We can even order groceries to our door nowadays. But sometimes I do look at myself and realise that I am working online too much, so I take a step back and take a day off. So I can get back into my own life and not this one online. 

And this is the same for my children too. I was reading this article here, about the negative effect it can have on children's learning and it made me think about how my kids use devices and online stuff. 

Not that they spend too much time online, or on devices for that matter, but I limit how much time they can use them to stop it from becoming too much. They don't have any tablets, although T does use my laptop for some learning sites that the school recommends. Even then though, it's not much. They only use my phone for Angry Birds.

Photo by sixninepixels from freedigitalphotos.net
A new study, by My Voucher Codes, found that 75 per cent of parents felt that mobiles had a negative effect on children’s ability to concentrate during lessons. That is three quarters of parents who are worried that using phones, tablets and games consoles is affecting their children’s performance at school.

It showed that most parents think mobiles have negative effect on kids' learning although less than half of the 2,500 parents surveyed said they made efforts to limited their children’s use of them. The survey showed that 41 per cent of children used tablets and phones for two to three hours a day which I think is way too much. Although if parents aren't monitoring their children's use then I guess they can't be that bothered about how it effects them even though this survey says otherwise. 

In the end, if you think that using a mobile is having a negative effect on your kids' learning, then you should stop them from using it because you are the parent and that's just what we do as the responsible people in the household.


  1. Loved this post! Very infomstive and unbiased

  2. Yes they do in my opinion, more from the point of parents spending more time on their phones than spending it on their children

  3. I think they do, I know my husband and I can both be guilty of spending too much time looking at the mobile screen :/

  4. Defo, my son's nickname is the "Walking Dead" only thing alive is his thumbs!!

  5. As a parent you also need to set a good example and not be seen to be constantly using your mobile.

  6. Great review
    I feel they do harm children's sociability