26 October 2016

Christmas Catering? Sorted!

Christmas can be a difficult time for a mum, especially for the inexperienced and unseasoned. While everyone else in the house is enjoying the festivities, mum is always rushed off her feet, burdened with all of the work. There’s presents, family visits and of course, the food. With all of their logistical efforts, mum does deserve some time off, right?

Food is usually one of the most important parts of the holiday season and is probably one of the biggest burdens a mum has to bear. Here are a few ways you can take some of the stress out of your Christmas catering arrangements, that I’m sure you’ll love.

Plan Ahead Of Time
Most people end up struggling to find a turkey that’s cost effective or even big enough for the whole family. In the past, your only way you could solve this problem would be to buy a turkey weeks in advance and take up valuable freezer space until the big day. With the internet as our saviour, this isn’t an issue anymore. All of the big supermarkets let you order your shopping online, and most will even let you order ahead of time, letting you choose a date far in the future. This is one of the best ways to beat the Christmas queues and get enough food to satisfy the whole family.

Looking To Impress?
Everyone has so many visits to family and friends over the holiday season, and you have to contribute. But it can be hard just to remember all of the food you need, let alone have the time to prepare it. Much like the last tip, this is a simple way to save time and effort by using the internet, while also adding much-desired flair to your food. You can find services online that allow you to make your food selection, which they present in a professional and eye-catching way for you. Whether you want to build your own food hamper, craft your own chocolate selection or have a pick of the best wine and desserts the world has to offer. The internet has your back! These services usually offer the option to schedule your delivery so they can make great long distance gifts as well.

Something For Everyone
These options can do more than just help with food. If you apply the same planning and forethought when it comes to other aspects of the big day, you can avoid the shops all together. Online you can find presents for dad, the kids, your family and anyone in your life, really. The selection you can find on the Internet is well known for being far greater than what most people have available to them locally. This means that with both food and gifts, you’ll never be stuck for choice or having to make disappointing compromises. 

The message here is simple really; if you are stuck for time at Christmas, the internet is one of your most powerful tools. Just make sure to double check delivery dates! Nothing's more embarrassing than the “It’s in the post” excuse.


  1. All looks and sounds very nice - makes Chrismass less stressful :-)

  2. Planning is essential to make Christmas run smoothly

  3. Sounds fabulous
    Anything that makes organisingveasier is top of my list
    Thankyou for the great review