23 September 2016

Why Do Breakages Always Happen At The Wrong Time?

As a parent, we all know just how tight our budgets can be squeezed. I mean, if you're like me, you'll budget for everything, making sure bills are paid, the freezer and cupboards are full of food and the kids are kitted out, and then you have your spends that are left. 

But it doesn't always work out like that. An unexpected bill, or even a breakage in the house, anything can crop up that causes even the most savviest of people to wonder how they're going to get through the next month. 

Even me. I am one of the most money savvy people I know. I budget every month, right down to the last penny. All my bills are set up on direct debits and I have reminders of when everything is due out so I know exactly what is and isn't in my bank at any time. 

I use cashback sites for any purchases I make online and search about across the web for the best deals on toys for the kids before buying. I am so money-conscious and know my in-goings and outgoings at any given time and go by the mantra, budget, budget, budget. 

For me though, the biggest unexpected expense that we have had lately, is our washing machine going kaput. Yes, the dreaded leakage on the floor, non-spinning washing machine that gave up the ghost and left us needing to get a few hundred pounds from thin air over the last month. 

I mean, we are a family of 5 so can't really go that long without a washing machine so it wasn't a case of being able to save up and wait.

We were looking for a short term loan so that we could get a new washing machine and then pay it off within the month when my husband got paid. This is when we came across the likes of Vivus who offer short term loans at affordable prices and are there to make sure that you can afford to pay it back before accepting.  

It means that we can replace our washing machine now and then pay it back at the end of the month when we have more funds available. 

So now we are back on our feet with a new washing machine and back to daily loads and uniform washing. Yay, motherhood is back on track!

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