29 September 2016

Spin Master | Air Hogs RC Batwing

Now T is getting older, he likes toys are are more technical than he used to and loves anything that moves. So when we had the chance to review the Air Hogs RC Batwing from Spin Master, I knew he would be in his element as not only does this toy move, but it flies too!

If you're a Batman lover, you will know that the Batwing is the iconic vehicle from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which he flies through the sky to get to the bad guys quickly. Well, now they have this amazing vehicle but in toy version for the kids to play with. 

The Air Hogs RC Batwing features 2.4GHz communication for long-range control with up to 250 foot range, rear thruster lights for an extra blast of speed, and built-in wheels for a smooth take-off. 

The Air Hogs RC Batwing features the Batwing and the controller as well as 2 replacement propellers because no matter how you try to land it, accidents happen. I think it's good that they include these replacements with the toy so you don't have top go out and purchase more. 

When we first opened it, we realised that it needed 6 AA batteries which are not included with it. I think that this is something you expect from toys so that didn't bother us. We just popped them in and then charged the Batwing up. This is when I realised just how different the toy is to other RC toys. 

Obviously with the Batwing needing to fly, it meant that it has to be as light as possible. This is true, it is really lightweight and so nimble. This also means that there is no place to put batteries in the Batwing itself. So to charge it, you have to plug it in to the controller and then that into a mini USB which will charge the Batwing up, ready to use. 

And then we got on to flying it...

This is where we had a few problems. Trying to follow the instructions down to a tee, we tried over and over again, increasing the throttle slowly, but this didn't work. It wouldn't take off. We soon realised that it was best to just blast it full throttle straight away to get the best results. 

Now I must admit, you need a lot of space to get the Batwing to take off, and it needs to be on a smooth surface. A garden will not do. We took it outside our garden onto the street and made it take off before flying it back in to our garden so the littlest could see it in action. 

Once off the ground, it is surprisingly easy to fly. The recommended age for the Batwing is age 8+. T is aged 7 and once we had explained the controls to him and he practised with it, he flew it with no problems. 

Overall, the Batwing is a great toy for children and it's so much fun too as my lot loved chasing it around and trying to see how high they could get it to go. All in all, I would say that this would be so much for for any child that loves superheroes and/or toys that fly and as long as you make sure to take off somewhere with loads of flat space, it will work without problem. 

The boys have loved playing with the Batwing so I can imagine that this will be a top present come Christmas!

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