11 September 2016

Enjoying the Land with Yorkshire Water

If you haven't guessed by now, I adore Yorkshire. It is my home County and the place I have lived for all my life. An the place I will always stay as it just has my heart. 

I love the buzz of the cities, the shopping, the people. But most of all, I love that there is the seaside which just seems to have never changed from when I was a child, and on the opposite side, a deep rural area which is perfect for country walks with beautiful scenes over the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales. 

Whilst I'm sure you're all aware of  the many stunning locations that Yorkshire has to offer, Yorkshire Water, being one of the biggest land owners in Yorkshire, want to draw your attention to their beautiful sites that they have all across the county.

From excellent walking routes and cycle paths to breath-taking views of the reservoirs, the sites can make for a fantastic day out for young, old and all in between. 

What's more, you can find all of their leisure activities on their website which tells you how easy or hard they are to complete, and whether they are wheelchair and pushchair friendly. And if you type in your postcode, it'll tell you what there is to offer in your area. 

Around our area, there are a few of their sites that can be visited which are suitable for pram usage, which is what we would need. 

Brayton Barff is just South of the Vale of York, near Selby. This route flows through densely wooded areas in an area of level widespread agricultural land. The route is surfaced with short minor gradients and is only 1.3 miles long so a good walk but not too long for little ones. 

Ardsley is a flat route which circles around the edge of Ardsley Reservoir. Situated on the urban fringes of Wakefield this site is close to public transport links and again, is only 1.3 miles long. Eccup is just on the outskirts of Leeds and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) runs alongside part of Eccup Reservoir and across the dam. This route is 3 miles long so a little longer and you can read about our last trip to Eccup Reservoir when it rained and we had to don our wellies. 

Then there's Ogden which is the smallest of the local walks, being a 1.2 mile, level route. At Ogden Reservoir (north of Halifax), taking you near the plantation intriguingly named Spice Cake Hills and passing over the Ogden and Skirden Clough streams, the main feeders for the reservoir. 

Not to mention the smaller, local reservoirs which are dotted all around different locations too. And of course, the harder tracks, cycling routes and fishing areas, of which there are many to choose from. 

So, to help us on our way, we were sent our Free To Enjoy activity pack (which can be downloaded from their site) and a beautiful Yorkshire Water branded picnic rucksack to fill with all our lunch treats to enjoy on a day out in one of Yorkshire's stunning locations. 

The Free To Enjoy activity pack is packed full of ideas to keep kids entertained whilst out and about. The ABC Scavenger Hunt, where you try to find something starting with A, then B, then C and so on, until the alphabet is finished. A Mini Beast Hunt where children can walk, climb and bend down, to try and find little creatures. 

And feeding the ducks of course. Just remember that it's now known that they shouldn't be eating bread and prefer things such as oats, grains, chopped lettuce and bird seed. 

Our picnic was so lovely. We grabbed some food and packed it into our picnic rucksack so we could have a rest half way through the day and have lunch. It's such a good was to not only sit back and rest the feet, but to build up supplies, get your energy back and keep drinking that water as these hot days make you dehydrate quicker. 

We set out the picnic blanket and had a half hour break where we scoffed and chatted about what we had found during the day so far. It was nice to sit back for a bit and just admire the view whilst watching the clouds go by.

After a long day of adventures and a little dip of our toes in the water, we went back home with tired little boys who'd had another fun day out in Yorkshire.


  1. It looks like a great place to explore and eat a picnic in peace.

  2. Not been here for ages
    Must take a trip soon

  3. Awesone family time. I never been anywhere in Yorshire. Definitely on my to go places.