14 August 2016

Write Size | The Perfect Size Pencils for Children

I don't write about Charlie's diagnosis that often because I believe that it shouldn't matter whether he suffers with anxiety and speech delay. He is capable of doing everyone else does, but just struggles and I don't want to make out like he is behind or anything because of these reasons. He'll get there eventually, he just needs a little more help to do so. 

In the past year his speaking has come on loads and, although he does still struggle and gets infuriated when people don't understand him, he is flourishing and showing just how capable he is. So, now he's just about to start reception, we've started thinking about learning to write. Now I know that some children will have already learned the basics at his age, but as a parent, I knew that he wasn't ready previous to now, and didn't want to push him.

So when Write Size got in touch I thought, what better time to teach Charlie the basics of writing, especially now he has the tools to do the best he can do. Write Size are a British company based in the West Midlands and have created an innovate and revolutionary writing product for children to help make learning the foundations of writing easier.  

Write Size have created a bespoke number of pencils that help teach children to write, with pencils that fit their hands. Over generations the pencil has been developed to fit hands of adults, but children are made to 'make do' with 'normal' size pencils, despite their hands being 50% smaller than their grown-up counterparts.

This means that writing is poor, due to lack of control over the pencil and due to the pen oscillating and squirming in small hands. Write Size have manufactured bespoke pencils that perfectly fit in children's hands and teach control as better control means better results.

As you can see, they have been made specifically to help to children with their writing and Charlie has enjoyed using them over the past few weeks whilst he has been learning how to write. Charlie seemed to be able to hold these pencils better, with a better grip of them which meant that he could learn how to hold a pencil properly.

We practised slowly. Firstly learning how to hold a pencil properly and then starting off with simple lines and shapes. Charlie loved drawing circles and trying to draw a square so it would meet the first line he drew.

Eventually, I wrote his name down and showed him how he should start each letter and curve for the 'c' and do straight lines for parts of the 'h'. He did like to try and follow what I had written on the page. So now, after 3 weeks of practising and playing around, Charlie has managed to write his own name. And I am one proud mum!


  1. I'd never really thought about it but it's true, kids have to put up with using a lot of things that are too big for them. What a great idea, and amazing that he's written his name already!

  2. What a brilliant idea. I know this makes such a huge difference especially for my son who was left handed

  3. these do look like a great size - perfect for little hands!

  4. My nephew got some at the weekend
    He's delighted with them