12 August 2016

In My Dreams | What I'd Spend My Lottery Winnings On

I'm sure we've all done it, I know I have. Had that daydream about what you'd spend the millions on if you were to be a winner of the lottery. I find myself doing it a lot and not even just on the lottery.

When I'm adding up our monthly outgoings, trying to save for a new kitchen. Well, If only I could win on a scratchcard, that would give me enough money for a stylish kitchen. When I'm browsing Thomson website for the perfect holiday and just wish I could win some coins to actually be able to take the kids abroad. 

This got me thinking, what would I actually spend my money on if I was to win. I play the Lotto and EuroMillions every week and always have my fingers crossed that our numbers will come up. I also enjoy a bit of Lotto Betting where I bet online on big cash lotto draws from all around the world. You can bet on the world's biggest lottery jackpots everyday through Lottoland who offer Lotto Betting as well as online scratchcards and games too. Giving myself those extra chances at scooping a big jackpot and winning millions on the Lotto.

So, what would be on my dream list?

A home fit for us
An house, of course, would be top of my list. I wouldn't go around searching for the best that's out there, I instead would build my own. My own dream home. One that has everything we want and need. 

No need for a 37 bedroomed mansion in Cheshire, I think 5 bedrooms would be quite enough. With a large kitchen which has an island (I've always wanted an island) and big enough to entertain in. A beautiful livingroom with a separate playroom so I'm no longer drowning swimming in toys. 

I'd have an indoor pool because we are in the UK so there's no point thinking about an outdoor one. But I'd have bi-folding doors which would open the whole way along to bring the outdoors in when we do get that week of summer.

A huge garden with a treehouse, a big wooden climbing frame and loads of room to frolic, because who doesn't love frolicking. Over at the side of the house would be our garage that would sit a nice new car so we can go on lovely impromptu trips and I'd send my husband off for lessons so that I'm not the only one driving all the time. 

Investing in property
I think this is one that a lot of people would say and I think it's a great option. Investing in property is always going to be popular as houses are always needed. I would buy a couple of houses and rent them out at a fair price, being the best landlord out there. 

But it wouldn't be just houses. I'd buy some caravans. A few huge, platinum ranged static caravans and rent them out to holiday-makers. Leaving a few weeks spare each year so we can go away to our beloved Yorkshire coastline. 

This would give us a firm base to live off for the rest of our lives and for the future of our kids. 

Investing in my children
And so it comes to the kids. All three of the boys already have savings accounts for when they are 18, so I'd top them up. Enough to pay for university, a nice holiday, a base to start a business, for whatever they wanted. 

As long as they are happy, then I'm happy. 

Obviously this would be up there at the top. Thomas has been abroad once, when he was a baby but the other 2 boys have never had the joy of being on a plane. I'd fix this by booking away as many holidays as possible. I'd make it our mission to take the children to every continent, to see something new, and do something new, on every vacation we take. 

Bali, Australia, Mexico, to name a few with the Maldives thrown in for us grown ups. But I'd still love our short breaks away at the coast too. So I'd make sure we got away around our country often too, to see what we have to offer. 

Now I'm not saying that winning the lottery would make me the happiest person alive, all I'm asking is for the chance to see if it would...


  1. Pretty much the same as me
    We can dream

  2. I often think about this. Top of my list would be house, car and private school for my girls

  3. Thinking about this today
    My dad is so keen on this -he's always saying he's going to win
    He's 83 now and still playing
    He's won a few times but only small amounts
    Keep dreaming x