12 August 2016

Enjoy A Romantic Weekend Away (Without The Kids)

When you’ve got kids, it’s easy to forget how important it is to take time for yourself. We all love our kids more than anything and want the best for them. However, we can’t possibly hope to provide the best for them if we haven’t taken care of ourselves! Ensuring that we’re relaxed and happy is one of the best ways to be the best parent to them. One way you can ensure you’re doing that, is by taking a weekend off with your partner. You could travel to a nearby city or country and have some time to yourself to recuperate. Here’s how you can make the most of such a weekend away!

Choose The Right Place To Accommodate You
If you’re going to really enjoy your weekend away without the kids, then you need to choose the right place to accommodate you. Knowing what sort of place you want and making sure you read up on it properly is important. Staying in a family hotel might be OK, but if you’re getting away from your own kids, do you really want to have to deal with others running around? Choosing a hotel solely for couples is probably a good idea if you really want to enjoy this special time away. Many people can't get enough of romantic accommodation in Paris. Take a look and see what’s right for you. 

Find A Good Babysitter And Don’t Feel Guilty
Find a good babysitter, and make sure you don’t feel guilty. This is one weekend you’re taking off to yourself that will benefit everybody. Leaving your kids with a family member for a whole weekend can be heartbreaking, but knowing they are in safe hands will make you feel much better. If you like, you can even make sure you spend time with both your kids and the sitter beforehand, to get them used to what’s coming up and even help them to feel excited about it. 

Get Them Into A Good Routine Before You Leave
Before you leave for your romantic weekend, try to get them into a good routine before you leave. It isn’t fair to leave their sleeping patterns out of sync by letting them stay up late in the days leading up to your weekend. Make sure they are going to bed on time, eating their meals, and being well behaved for you. It’s likely they’ll behave the same way with a sitter. 

Don’t Overcompensate
Some parents feel so guilty about leaving their kids, that they overcompensate for it. They buy them lots of presents or spoil them. Don’t! You have nothing to feel guilty about. It’s healthy for your kids to see you and your partner really enjoying your time together and loving one another. It’s teaching them good lessons about relationships they can use as they grow. 

There you have some tips for enjoying a romantic weekend away without your kids. Make sure you have something special planned with them too. Then you really have no need to feel any guilt at all!


  1. Fabulous
    A break away is so important
    Definately no need to feel guilty about it

  2. Fabulous
    A break away is so important
    Definately no need to feel guilty about it

  3. I'm babysitting this weekend for my brother s children
    Wonder how many phone calls I'll get😆😆